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Photo-Heart Connection: March 2014


The moment I saw this photograph, I knew that it was going to be my Photo-Heart Connection image for March.

IMG_2826Through the Looking Glass [208/365]

Why? That’s the question I’m still pondering. Perhaps it was the surprise element in how it came to be.

It was very early (for me, anyway) in the morning and I was getting dressed to meet a friend for breakfast. The rising sun was streaming in the window, striking the mirror on my antique dresser and backlighting me at the same time. The sunlight was doing interesting things to the scratched and hazy surface of the old mirror, so I grabbed my iPhone and took several shots, moving around a bit in relation to the sun, shadows, and reflection, hoping for an interesting self-portrait.

This photo was the last shot of the series, and a complete accident. All the rest were sharply focused — and sharply disappointing. None of them captured the excitement I felt at seeing that light. This one made me stop and suck in my breath, all the while wondering, What happened? How did I get this out-of-focus image? Who cares? Let’s process it!

So I cropped it a bit, and converted it to black and white — something I seldom even think of, but it felt right for this image. Then I brought it into the Distressed FX app and used a filter that added some colored, grungy texture. Quick and sure, yes, that’s it, perfect!

Both the image itself and the making of it are quite unlike my usual practice. The end result is both Me and Not-me. A sort of spirit selfie, not quite corporeal. Who is that blurry woman? What is she doing, where did she come from, and where is she going? All I know is…she’s discovering more of herself every day. Every time I look at this serendipitous, spontaneous photo, I’m reminded of the excitement I felt when I first created it. I can’t wait to see what will be next.

Linking with Kat Eye Studio’s Photo-Heart Connection for March.  Come join us! 

26 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: March 2014

  1. A ‘spirit selfie’…I love the image and I love the idea of it! So beautiful in every way!

  2. This is a lovely selfie – slightly abstract with beautiful light and my favourite tones!

  3. Wonderful selfie! Fascinating how it came about!

  4. I wicked love this photo….and I think it’s my fault you got it, that is unless someone else makes you get up early to go to breakfast. : ~ )
    The sponteneity and intution is so often spot on. Sometimes I wonder why we work so hard the rest of the time.
    Hope to see you soon my friend. Daffs in a few weeks, but surely we can get out before that.

  5. Gorgeous!! Funny, isn’t it how misfires like this can turn into the most interesting, inspiring pieces.

  6. Love it, Lee! Wonderful photo created in the moment – which is the best!

  7. It is a wonderful photo, made that much better by the sense of excitement it provides.

  8. Love it! I especially love that your creative mind never shuts off, even to get dressed for a breakfast meeting ~ you are always look for new and exciting possibilities in every aspect of that phrase!

  9. I love this! Amazing what we can find when we’re in the ‘zone’. This is a very beautiful and mysterious image.

  10. I love the ethereal quality of this image. Well done, even if it was a surprise!

  11. Great photo. Don’t you just love those accidents. It reminds me of the cover of a Nancy Drew mystery book. Kind of a surreal feel to it.

  12. Absolutely FANTASTIC, Lee, and such a perfect Photo-Heart Connection.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  13. I love this SO MUCH! It feels like what I sense from you, so, in that respect I believe it is an accurate image. Also, thanks to you, I just spent the last two hours playing around with my new app — Distressed FX.

  14. Outstanding image…so well done and I like the words of Juli…”spiritual selfie.” I love happy accidents!

  15. A great PHC, serendipity, I love it. I also love your header picture!

  16. Oh, I can feel your excitement at this unexpected and beautiful selfie – a combination of luck, happenstance and wondrous post-processing. Isn’t it amazing when we somehow capture the emotions and feelings of what we see? There is such a sense of mystery and spirituality in this image – capturing the very essence of “you-ness”. Simply beautiful and very inspirational!

  17. Gosh, I love this and I loved reading your journey with it. I can’t wait to see what comes next either!
    Oh, and I’m adopting the term ‘spirit selfie’ too. Beautiful. 🙂

  18. Your photo is stunning! It seems mystical somehow.

  19. I love, love, love this. Oh, the magic of capturing something beyond what you expected, accidental. The magic of having the known and unknown work together perfectly. It is you, I could see the physical you, but it’s as you said, it’s something beyond the physical you too. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection. This might be the best selfie I’ve seen of late – not contribed or manufactured, but magically capturing the essence of you.

  20. Oops, “contrived” not “contribed.” And I’m even typing on a keyboard and not a phone!

  21. Oh… this is amazing. Love the textures, it´s enigmatic and appealing. Wonderful photo-heart connection

  22. Absolutely wonderful self portrait. Love the blue color and grunge. Mysterious. Intriguing. Thanks for sharing about your process.

  23. I think this photo—although taken some time ago—is magical. 🙂

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