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Photo-Heart Connection: May 2014


Two WindowsThread the Light  [249/365]

This month’s Photo-Heart Connection contains a tiny touch of Photo-Heartbreak. And a very large amount of gratitude.

I’ve had the privilege of living in this beautiful, historic home since last November. Now it has been sold, and in a couple of weeks I will be moving to an apartment. I’m looking forward to getting settled there, in what I hope and expect will be my long-term home. I’m tired of moving.

What I had not expected was that I would be so sad to leave this house. It is large, simple, gracious, and elegant. It’s over two hundred years old, with slanted floors, crooked doors, and wavy windows. And the most beautiful light, threading its way into and through every room. It has a warm, welcoming spirit, a “presence” of its own. It’s altogether the loveliest place I’ve ever occupied.

I moved in here knowing it was only temporary. I unpacked everything anyway. Yesterday my friend Susan asked if I was sorry I did that. That’s an easy one: No!  I moved in completely, bag and baggage, and apparently heart and soul, too. And I don’t regret it for a minute. Living here fully, not just camping out, has been a wonderful experience, and one I’ll always treasure and be thankful for.

The photo above was taken late one afternoon as the sun shone through an old window onto the rough-sawn boards of the mudroom wall. It will be the perfect reminder of the winter and spring of light (and delight) that I spent in this old house.

The title comes from the chorus of a song I’m very fond of, “Down Low” by The Swell Season, that goes like this:

Thread the light
Thread the light
Shine the light
Don’t hide the light
Live the light
And give the light
Seek the light
And speak the light
Crave the light
And brave the light
Stare the light
And share the light
Show the light
And know the light
Raise the light
And praise the light
Thread the light
And spread the light

I don’t know the meaning of the song (I don’t think it’s religious), but every time I think of this image, the tune and words start running through my head. It feels right, somehow.

Linking with Kat Sloma’s Photo-Heart Connection for May.

28 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: May 2014

  1. Well, you know I will love this image – it has windows and light and interesting textures and, best of all, a lovely shadow. I am glad you had this time in this lovely house – to make such a connection to a place is something special and grand. Good luck with the moving (again!) And that song chorus seems like it should be the National Photographer’s anthem – it’s all about the light.

  2. When you pack up once again, you will be packing some wonderful memories with you, Lee, and wherever you go, you will always have those with you. In addition, you will be embarking on a wonderful new adventure with lots more memories to be made. I wish you all the very best with your move.

    This photograph is absolutely beautiful, and it reflects your thoughts so perfectly.

    In my thoughts, my friend. xo.

  3. Just as we create memories of places we have lived in, I often wonder if the houses themselves have memories of their own. How we came in the door, how we looked through the windows, touched the walls. A part of your spirit will be there forever, I’m certain. I really can see why, just with the images you have shared of this home, you would want to stay.

  4. I am glad you unpacked too, you have shared many beautiful images from this house, and you have some wonderful memories by doing so. So sad that you have to leave it, it was glorious!

  5. This image is lovely. Adore the light

  6. Lovely post, Lee. I would have done the same, unpacked and lived in it fully. What a great shot with which to remember this beloved house!

  7. Beautiful photo… You can almost feel the sunlight warm the room. Green grass in the yard and the trees breaking the light and providing shadows. I know you’ll miss this house, this home, and you’ll unpack and find another window, another afternoon, and another way to capture a moment. It’s all about the light.

  8. Beautiful light & lovely words about your heart.

  9. beautiful you will always have the memories….

  10. My goodness, I found this post very moving. Your image captures the light and atmosphere so beautifully. Your expression of gratitude for having a chance to live in that special house brought tears to my eyes…..and memories of homes I have lived in over the years. Best of luck in settling into your new home.

  11. what a lovely post- your photograph and words. to have lived in a house you love is such a priceless gift. i wish you the same love for your new home.

  12. Your image is stunning–the contrast between the cool blues and greens of the window view compared to the golden tones of the sunshine on the adjacent wall are dramatic and compelling. I’m thinking “how did she do that?” and yet totally grateful that you did. It truly is a wonderful image.

    As for your living situation…how wonderful is it that you had (and fully embraced) this experience, however brief it was…
    Your next place may not have the grace and elegance of this old house, but I suspect you will make the most of it, both personally and photographically.

    Best wishes to you for the move and beyond…

  13. What a lovely image —and one to keep to remind you of your stay in that lovely old home.

    I posted my first image to Photo Heart Connection today and connected to your post from there.

  14. Absolutely beautiful. I’d love to have that photo hung up in my bathroom or laundry room. Such light!

  15. What a lovely gift to have this image to transport you back to such a meaningful place. Perfect.

  16. Oh, Lee, this image is beautiful and haunting. I love the title: Thread the Light. That light could be threaded and woven through something – a life, a home, a heart. What a wondrous thing. I wish you more light-threading in your new home.

    I had to google The Swell Season. I didn’t realize it’s the couple from the movie Once, which I saw years ago and loved. Now I have to go investigate their music. Thank you!

  17. Your words and beautiful capture of light touched my heart…I saw light like that….bent light through wavy glass, when I was a young girl and my aunts would take me to a rustic wooden cabin in the pines each summer. The images of that magical time still rest in my memory….you awoken some of my latent memories. Bravo for unpacking…to truly be a part of a place your loved items need to be near by. What a magical half of year. You will make the next move as endearing. The best to you as you leave a certain level of peace and beauty for a new adventure. smiles: sharon

  18. what a gorgeous post, the light is so wonderful here

  19. Just gorgeous, and not only will you have your memories but you will have left and imprint of yourself on the house to welcome other dwellers

  20. Oh, that photograph!! So beautiful. I can see why you would want to live there fully, and why it will be so hard to leave. But what wonderful memories you’ll take with you!

  21. This is a truly beautiful PHC, good luck with the move to your ‘forever home’ .

  22. A harbinger of the way forward…go for the light!

  23. What abeautiful tribute to that house you have loved so much and also to light. The phot is stunning and your words are moving, love the song too. The best to you as you start to live in your new house. Wonderful photo-heart connection

  24. I’ve love the images you’ve captured of this beautiful home. I know you’ll be said to leave it, especially the wonderful textures and light of an older home! Looking forward to seeing your new place!

  25. Gorgeous image and gorgeous light. Good for you for committing to it fully even though it meant a lot of packing and unpacking! Loved reading your connection.
    Can you email me your new address – you have a little something coming your way in the next couple of months. 😉

  26. Packing up and moving is always hard when you move from a place that has held you heart for some time. But the memories (and photos) will always be with you. And yes, hopefully, moving on to a new place will be a new inspiration. I love this pictures – which really shows why the old house was something very special. Gorgeous light coming through that window.

  27. So now I know why you moved. This picture is gorgeous! I love the light and the colors, they are exquisite! What a lovely post.

  28. I’m so glad you gave yourself fully to the experience. It is not to be regretted. Reminds me of when my novel was making the rounds of publishers and I let myself dream big. Better to have had that thrilling month than to have talked myself into not enjoying the heck out of it.

    You have some wonderful images to carry away with you.

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