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Photo-Heart Connection: July 2014


P1040313 Be the GoodBe the Good  [329/365]

Sometimes it’s not easy to believe.

Our town was in the news last week because of a tragic event:  a man here took the lives of his wife, their three young children, and himself. In a town as small as this one, such an occurrence strikes close to home for everyone. For me, it was very close to home. This family lived right across the street, in the same apartment complex that I just moved into a month ago. I didn’t know the family, but I had met him. He was on the maintenance crew here, and had been in my apartment to make a couple of minor repairs only two weeks before this unthinkable tragedy. I remember the conversation we had, how nice he seemed, and the pride he took in the quality of his work.

Disbelief, shock, horror, grief. How could anyone do such a thing? Why? Sometimes it seems the whole world has gone insane. Passenger planes shot out of the sky, children killed by bombs raining down on schools, wars and rumors of wars around the globe. Death and destruction seem to be everywhere. It would be easy to slip into despair, and for the past week I’ve been struggling against that.

By pure chance (or not, if you prefer) I took this photograph last Saturday afternoon — just hours before that young man did what he did. I do believe there is good in the world, but most of all, I want to remember it. To dwell on it. On peace, love, joy, gratitude, kindness…goodness.

And that’s why this image is my Photo-Heart Connection for July. I need the reminder of its message. Let me believe, and let me “BE THE GOOD” as much as it’s in my power to be.


As hard as it hit me, I know there are others who were much more closely connected to this family than I was. My thoughts and prayers go out to their extended families, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

25 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: July 2014

  1. your posts never fail to move me. it’s a photograph that i wish i had taken and an exhortation that may be the only one we need.

  2. What a terribly sad and tragic event. So scary when it hits so close to home. We had a guy commit suicide in his garage a few houses down from us a few years ago. This house is on my daily walking route, and I always look at that house and think how did things did so bad that it came to that. My thoughts and prayers go out to their friends and family.

  3. Love the photo and the dual message on the sign! I too was stunned at the loss of this beautiful family. Despite your positive interaction with him, we sometimes never know the burdens others we meet casually carry. “Be the Good” and keep Believing!

  4. Hi, nice to meet you in the Saco Heath. Did I read it correctly that you are moving to California?

  5. Your words resonate so strongly with me….I have been struggling with not falling into despair because of the state of the world these past few weeks. It seems war and destruction are rampant. What kind of crazy society do we live in when children accidentally kill themselves or others, with guns, and a father would shoot his own children? What a shock for you to have this happen so close to home. Your sign was a message to you and now, to me. We have to believe that love is stronger than hate and that the good outweighs the bad.

  6. León. my heart grieves with you and your small community as you struggle to process last weekend’s shocking event. I pray for restored peace for all those touched by this tragedy.
    Thank you for a thoughtful and touching blog post.

  7. What a horrible tragedy! It’s so sad that we live in a world where we have to continually remind ourselves that there is good in world. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your community.

  8. Sometimes you just gotta believe…even tho the evidence in front of you goes to the contrary. Good always trumps evil. Great photo.

  9. My heart dropped reading this but I love how the image you chose from its bright colors and message lift us all up. The questions we’re left with after someone does something terrible can be hardest. Hugs.

  10. I’m with you. The world is heartbeaking at times. The antidote: Be the Good. Love the photo.

  11. I heard about this, Lee, and I cannot even begin to imagine…
    It’s been a real tough few weeks with all the horrible events taking place.
    It is sometimes very difficult to do so, but like the sign in your wonderful photograph, I do believe there is good in the world.

  12. Such a sad, sad story. It makes a difference when a tragedy that we read about in the news actually touches one personally. We become so inured to the tragic events that surround us everyday. But your photo reminds us that there IS good in the world and that we must celebrate it.

  13. Unbelievably tragic . . .
    The photo heart connection signage is perfect . . .
    There is goodness . . .
    Believe it and help to make it so . . .
    Each day . . .

  14. Great capture —and wonderful post. I’ve gotten to the point that I rarely watch or listen to news anymore. I wish I could filter out the bad news and see only the good. I guess that’s what most do when they look at news headlines online —read only what they want to know. I keep reminding myself that if Ann Frank thought that most people were really good at heart, anyone can see the good in people and the world.

  15. this is so sad

  16. It’s so nonsensical sometimes, these events. Especially one so close to home. I always try to focus on the good people. I think it helps spread that vibration outward.

  17. What a sad story… we have been going through too much pain lately but your message says it all. I truly believe there is good in this world even when some days seems to be so faded or far away from the place where we are… Touching photo-heart connection this month. Take care xx

  18. What a sad tragedy. Yes, if it happens so close to us, it really hits home. I am really sad about all the terrible incidents we had to read in the paper recently – and everything that happened before that. Would it be different if the papers / news would report about happy events in the same amount? Would we actually see the good in the world that definitely is there? It just get’s buried by all the sadness and hate.
    This is an excellent photo to make your point.

  19. Such a sad story. Your image is so powerful and such a great reminder. Lots of love and a giant cyber hug to you. x

  20. This is such a powerful message. I too wonder what is happening with the world around us. Everything seems so unsettled, so “on the brink” all the time. It’s easy to forget the magic of a greeting, a smile, or a good deed–none of these will cure the ills of the world, but they can make a small piece of the world a better place for at least a little while. Thanks for the reminder.

  21. How lovely to find this sign, a powerful reminder when there seems to be so much pain & suffering in our world, take care x

  22. So profound thanks for sharing

  23. I can understand the disbelief and shock. But I still believe in the good in people and the world. Even when it’s not always obvious. So keep believing! Such a strong photo,

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