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Yesterday my daughter and I took a little drive down to Kennebunkport to see what we could see. It’s one of our favorite things to do, and this is one of our favorite times of the year to do it. The summer crowds are gone and the weather was cool, clear, and perfect.


As we walk from the public parking lot back into the village, I always stop by here, where the road crosses over the river, to take a few photos.

IMG_5095Into the Blue

I love the sight of New England’s cupolas and spires against the intense blue sky.

IMG_5093Touch of Autumn

It is early yet, but we did see a bit of color here and there.


This bird house is awfully close to the street, and I don’t know if it is ever occupied or not. But it’s cute, anyway.

IMG_5116Times Past

There are two kinds of antique shops I love. One is the junk-store kind, where you can prowl to your heart’s content in hopes of unearthing an unexpected (and cheap) treasure of some sort. The other is this kind: like a museum, except you can touch the precious things on display. If you have the money, you can even take them home with you. I do not have it, but I love looking (and touching) anyway.

IMG_5103Pooh Corner

When I looked back over the photos I took during my 365 project, I noticed that I actually do take quite a few still lifes. This was a surprise to me. But I also realized that this is the kind I take — found subjects, rather than ones I have gathered and set up. I just never thought of them as “still lifes.”

IMG_5106To the Loft

What can I say? I love these stairs and that light bouncing around at the top. And I was drawn irresistibly up.

IMG_5107View from the Top


IMG_5109Horse with Girl

The tag said this was from China. I have no idea if it’s antique or not, but I thought it was charming.

IMG_5112Little Green Apples

Back downstairs. Though I’m not generally a fan of the chipped paint look, I liked this worn blue table a lot. I can see it in back of my couch. In my dreams.

IMG_5113It Was a Hot Summer

IMG_5121David by the Water

Outside, if you duck and go through a little passageway, you find this surprisingly formal small garden tucked away next to the building.

IMG_5147The Good Earth

Another of our favorite shops. The floors are so tilted it will make you dizzy. All of the pottery here is made by the husband and wife who own the store. My favorite mugs came from here.

IMG_5139Fresh Picked

Another of my “found” still lifes.

IMG_5142Deck with a View

From this deck we could smell seafood, and it was time to seek out some lunch. Clam chowder and warm blueberry pie with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream — which, as usual, I never even thought to photograph — and then it was time to head for home.

So glad we went! Today it is raining . . . and that’s good, too.

Note: All photos were taken with my iPhone 5S.

13 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Oh, I feel as though I was on this lovely walk with you. There is so much peace in your images. And, I love the light…Thank you for sharing your work…It is so good to connect with you here…xo (Sorry that it;s been so long between visits!)

  2. Hi…I love everything about this posting. You just took me on a mini vacation….so refreshing….so beautiful…so sparkly….years ago we were in Kennebunkport…I had forgotten what a beautiful experience it was. So thank you. I love the tilted floors…we had an old Victorian home and the steep staircases was totally tilted…always through me off….I usually used the back staircase ! Loved the drooping candles, a bit what we feel like now with high humidity ! So glad you were able to go on this day trip. And I might add: your smartphone takes mighty fine photos !!! But then it is always the eye behind the lens that is the creator. smiles: sharon

  3. Thank you for the day trip to Kennebunkport, haven’t done a walkabout in quite a while. I love your photos! It shows the historic spirit of K’port linked to the seaport flavor. My favorite in the group would be “To the Loft” ~ I love the lighting, there is something Shaker-esk about it!

  4. I went to Kennebunkport just once, with my mother. She was living in Maine at the time and I was visiting. These are lovely photos, and I was surprised at the end when you said that you’d taken them all with your iPhone. I especially love the tiny David among the manicured shrubbery.

  5. That pie and clam chowder did NOT last long enough to photograph. 🙂

  6. What fun – it looks like a simply perfect outing! Love your “found” still lifes – I like that way of thinking of them. I’m not any good at arranging objects myself – and greatly admire that talent in others. I like your approach – creating beauty from what you find, while “out and about.” Such lovely light. And I had to smile at your evidence of a “hot summer”.

  7. What a great place, Lee, and it sounds like it was truly a wonderful day.
    Thank you for taking us along with you! xo.

  8. Those are absolutely the best kind of still life shots. I would love to go back to Kennebunkport and wander for a day. I am trying to talk Glen into a eastern vacation next fall. We are just unsure at this point if there will be a wedding we need to pay for in the coming year or two. Thankfully after that she is on her own 🙂 Beautiful captures and it looks like you and your daughter had a great day.

  9. Oh yes definitely my sort of day out and those blue skies are a treat.

  10. I so enjoyed walking along with you . . . I really like your “still life’s.”

  11. I’d love to visit this beautiful place! I like your idea of found still lifes. That suits me much better, my still life images seem flat and frankly just plain fake!

  12. What an amazing clear-sky day you had, the better to present the natural and manmade beauties of Maine. Each scene is better than the one before. Love your new header photo too…

  13. Kennebunkport looks like a lovely place. You captured it’s beauty so well in these photos. Thanks for taking us along.

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