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Photo-Heart Connection: November 2014


I’ve missed posting my Photo-Heart Connection the past couple of months, and now Kat has announced that she will be ending the monthly link-up at the end of this year. It’s always sad when something good and much loved goes away, but change is inevitable as we go through life, and the old must make way for the new. That’s what the image I chose for this month speaks to me about, too.

DSC_7645 Melancholia

This image is straight out of the camera and sums up my feelings about November very nicely. The month always seems a bit melancholy to me. The days grow short and the nights long. The sky is often gray and the weather turns cold and damp. Forecasts are filled with rain, fog, and even snow. The colorful leaves fade and fall, leaving naked branches behind. By the end of the month nearly all the trees are bare, tender plants have been frost-killed, and the natural world settles into dormancy.

There’s a sense of the year (perhaps of life itself) rushing to its close, a feeling of disbelief — what do you mean, Christmas is coming again? It seems only yesterday. . . .

It seems only yesterday that my children were young, that I was young. That the whole world was young and clean and innocent, but that was probably only my own naiveté. This is now, and it is what it is.

And so I observe with interest as the sunrise comes a minute or so later and the sunset a minute or so earlier each day, knowing the turnaround will come in only a couple more weeks, when the days will begin to lengthen again. I shake myself out of my lethargy enough to put on boots and warm, waterproof jacket, and go outside with my camera, seeking and finding beauty in bare branches and inclement weather.

Once again, the wonder of seeing the world around me through my lens works its magic, and I make peace with my November.

Thank you, Kat, for creating and hosting the Photo-Heart Connection — this practice which has added so much to my life over the past three years.


19 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: November 2014

  1. Perfect shot for the feelings you so aptly describe about November, Leon. I will miss you photo-heart connection entries as I have very much enjoyed them. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Carrying a camera and recording our impressions through its lens allows for a certain level a peace with what is.

  2. Hey! I still FEEL young, anyway!! 🙂

  3. love your new header picture and what a beautiful shot this is to illustrate your post, lovely

  4. Your photo is very fitting. I am in agreement with your words, this time of year when days are short and there is a chill in the air I can let my feelings take me down a path that make me a not so great person. Count down to the lengthening of days. I’m in agreement, with a camera in hand everything is magic.
    Donna Wagner
    aka extremely fickle

  5. The end of a year and soon a new beginning. It does look damp in that November scene. You need some snow?

  6. Thank goodness for the camera. It helps us through so many things. Sad to hear that Kat is ending Photo Heart Connection but change is good it pushes us into new arenas where we wouldn’t have ventured otherwise.

  7. I will miss Kat’s Photo-Heart connection as well. Not only for my own practice but for writing and images such as this – a beautiful, bittersweet and poignant ode to November. You have captured so well the feelings of melancholy that often come at this time of year. I love the simplicity of those thin, delicate branches – stripped bare – against the muted backdrop of autumn’s splendor. Keep putting on that warm coat and bringing us the lessons from your lens.

  8. A picture perfect expression for the melancholy month of November. I can feel your acceptance of the changing seasons. Beautiful!

  9. Melancholy and November, yes, they do seem to fit together. It is a hard time of the year hanging between the warm summer and the festive lights of Christmas. I love how you overcame the feelings, grabbed the camera and gifted us with this beautiful image! I have enjoyed your Photo-Heart Connection. Maybe you should just keep posting one each month!

  10. An absolutely beautiful image, Lee, ad such a perfect Photo Heart connection.
    I wish you a wonderful week ahead, xo.

  11. What a touching post — November does seem to bring a certain melancholy. My photo-heart post this month has similar thoughts. I’m glad you were able to shake off the lethargy and get out with your camera, such good therapy! I love your new header!

  12. Beautiful and expressive photo and thoughts. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

  13. Lovely thoughts & image- Even on the other side of the world as summer begins, there is a weariness at this time of year as it comes to an end.

  14. I have enjoyed visiting you through Photo Heart Connection . . . I will miss this . . .
    Melancholy lives in me these days as well . . .

  15. This is such a perfect November photo and your writing is so superb! It would be cool to have a calendar with the photo heart connect photos and the writing. I think I’ve only done one or two. I’m so not organized enough.

  16. I agree with you there is something about November that encourages melancholy. The rain and cloudy days can lower the spirits. But then the days start ro get longer and before we know it the days begin to warm again. Love your post.

  17. As Cathy Ulrich writes, a perfect shot for the November feeling. November can indeed at times feel melancholy. But soon the sun will start to change its course again.

  18. Your photo says it all clearly about November! This is beautiful, and I always love the entries for Kat’s Heart Connect. Thank you for your visit this morning as well.

  19. Love your post. I feel just the same about November – and the passing of time. Beautifully captured and expressed. Happy Christmas to you, Lee.

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