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I don’t like cold weather. I often think about going out, but when the thermometer registers below zero Fahrenheit, it’s really hard to get motivated to get outside and play. Nevertheless, inspired by Sarah’s Wanderlust Wednesdays post yesterday, I bundled up and ventured out to my favorite beach.

Oh, the difference a few months makes! In June, July, and August, the sand is covered with beach umbrellas, blankets, chairs, towels, and (of course) people. Hundreds of them. The only thing on the sand yesterday were shells left behind by the last high tide. I only saw one other person walking on the beach. The little village center was a veritable ghost town.

IMG_6945Dessert, Deserted


IMG_6937Closed for the Season

IMG_6836Bright Spot

IMG_6837Summer Dreams

IMG_6866My Rocks

IMG_6859Goosefare Brook, High Tide

IMG_6862Where Waters Meet

When I got to this point, where the brook empties into the Atlantic, instead of turning back and retracing my steps along the beach as I usually do, I followed a path around the little bluff below to circle back along the road to my car.


IMG_6870Future Sea Glass?

Beyond Wabi-sabiBeyond Wabi-sabi

Along the way I made a most surprising discovery! I found a short trail that led to a tiny, hidden beach I never knew existed.

IMG_6897Tucked Away

IMG_6899A Secret Place


I sat here in the quiet, feeling thankful for having found this beautiful place, until my hands and feet turned numb with cold.


And then I went home . . .

DSC_6393Home Comforts

. . . thankful for this place, too, but so glad I went out. I plan to do it a lot more often.

15 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Well, that is all gorgeous, but I still think you’re crazy. Except for that last one, of course. 🙂

  2. It’s much quieter here this time of year, too. I love the secret surprise place you found! That makes the cold worth it. Well, since YOU were the one out in it, anyway. 😉

  3. Tranquility was worth the journey. Frozen a true treasure! Home Comforts ~ that which soothes and thaws the soul!

  4. Oh my goodness that secret tucked away place…adore! I have a feeling you will be returning again. Your deserted village center reminds me a lot of a nearby summer tourist town, Saugatuck. They actually had a snow pile right in the middle of the downtown street when I was there last week. They have a local coffee shop that I love to go to and it is so much nicer with the summer people gone. I am thrilled that you went out. Didn’t it feel good? I am jealous of flowing water though. All water here is frozen and will probably be for a while yet. At least due to my project I will get to witness it thawing, which will probably make for some great photos. You certainly deserved the hot tea!

  5. Like you, I venture out in the cold very reluctantly. But I have to admit that a brisk walk in the cold air is so invigorating and I’m always glad that I went. The secret place is divine and such a reward for your efforts! Thanks for sharing your brave journey and photos that I could enjoy from the comforts of home.

  6. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful walk, Leon. The snow on the beach is such a great justaposition and I loved the shot of the outline of the leaf in the ice. Very fun!

  7. Love your post, I think it is so good for us as photographers to get out and just “Be” with nature, get out creative juices for other types of photography. Restores our soul. Thanks for going out in the cold, and taking the walk so we could see your area.

  8. Your exploration not only brought you some wonderful sights but a new discovery, too. The photos of a winter beach are awesome.

  9. So glad you took the opportunity to head out into the cold and shared your beautiful shots with us! Discovering the new place was the icing on the cake! Love the wabi-sabi shots! Wonderful macro and textures!

  10. With the exception of the snow on the sand, you’d never know it was winter on the beach. Looks like a great place to take a walk.

  11. While our winter has most definitely been milder than yours, I still find myself resisting in the strongest way going out to shoot. The whole thought of bundling up and trudging around has little appeal when I am warm and cozy at home. But like most things that we resist, I am (almost) always glad when I do it. I’m glad you did it too – what wonderful images of a deserted town and beach – the contrast of snow and sand is quite stunning. And your explorations rewarded you with a secret beach – how fun is that!?

  12. I am so glad you ventured out — there is something so special about deserted beaches in the winter. Your images are wonderful …..I especially love your “secret place” photo. So peaceful. I know your fingers were probably falling off before you got back inside. I loved visiting Provincetown last November, when almost everything was closed up and we had the town to ourselves. Very different from the summer. Stay warm and safe in this next storm, Leon!

  13. Great photos. I think I would love to visit there. Gorgeous!

  14. Even if you don’t like winter, you captured some gorgeous photos here. As Gina writes there is something special about deserted beaches in the winter.

  15. I love all these pictures! My shore is Lake Michigan so it’s quite as dramatic, but no less beautiful. Glad you got out, it was a beautiful day!

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