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Contemplating Breakfast


Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day, or so I’ve been told. I can remember Mom urging me to go have some breakfast, as she sat at the dining table having hers (black coffee and a cigarette) while reading the newspaper. Somehow I just was not convinced.

I’m still not a much of a breakfast person, although I will happily eat it if someone else cooks it and puts it in front of me. And I love going out for breakfast with a friend. Nevertheless, our subject this week for Be Still was “breakfast,” so I have done my best to come up with something.

Thinking about breakfast:

IMG_7276Wake Up Call

What I could have for breakfast:

IMG_7267Good Nutrition

What I usually have for breakfast:



What I actually had for breakfast today:

DSC_8604Breakfast of . . .


Yes, that’s exactly what it looks like. Coffee (with real cream) and a piece of chocolate cake which I made from scratch yesterday because while the snow was falling for the third straight day of the fourth storm in two weeks. It has walnuts in it — that’s healthy, right?

Well, you’ve got to admit it’s better than a cigarette.

20 thoughts on “Contemplating Breakfast

  1. Heyyyy!!! You didn’t say you actually HAD chocolate cake!! What gives??

  2. Love your story, and images. Looks like a great breakfast!

  3. Love your thinking. The cake has eggs too, right?! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I can eat it any time of the day. Love your stoneware!

  4. Ummm, delicious! (minus the walnuts for me) If life gives your flurries – make cake! works for me!

  5. Chocolate cake will take a lot longer to kill you than cigarettes. It must be something with non-morning people not being breakfast eaters. Might fine book you are reading there 🙂

  6. Chocolate cake for breakfast – that made me smile! Baking anything chocolate sounds like the perfect indoor activity while watching the snow fall. Love all your breakfast still lifes – whether they are what you actually had or should have had.

  7. LOL – loved you story. Love the photography too.

  8. Chocolate is good from sunup till sunset – and the added caffeine will give you a boost of morning energy. So there. I’ve read a lot of Annie Dillard’s books.

  9. Beautiful images. Love coming for a visit.

  10. I’m with you, Leon! Chocolate cake is MUCH better than a cigarette! Great shots. I love the reflections you get on the glass jar here. (Also, my breakfast most days is coffee and a bit of half and half.)

  11. I love your take on this prompt! There’s such a wonderful story in these images! They really don’t need words, although the words made me smile! I’m especially fond of the simplicity in the eggs shot!

  12. Oh Leon, my brain is the one that needs to be still! On my first read through I thought your mother had a cup of coffee and a cigar for breakfast each morning and I saw that little coffee filter as a cigar tip cutter! Do you think too much snow has fallen between my ears?? Anyway, back to the second read-through… any day with chocolate cake and Annie Dillard for breakfast is a good day! I have a mug by that same potter. Your pottery, place settings and “stuff” says much about who you are. While Yum! is so you ~ I love the lighting and simplicity of Good Nutrition.

  13. My kind of breakfast! With or without the walnuts.

  14. This just made me smile, as I have to have my coffee no matter what and I do love breakfast but I could eat cake also. Looks good to me, love your thought pattern.

  15. I love seeing all the steps in prepping your breakfast, and it looks wonderful! I think chocolate cake is totally justified if you are getting inundated with snow. I love Annie Dillard too.

  16. Chocolate is heart healthy and a mood elevator so you chose very wisely! Love your images!!

  17. Definitely my kind of breakfast Lee!!
    Happy Valentines Day, and wishes for a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo.

  18. Way better than a cigarette!!! The cake looks so darn yummy! Can I come over?
    I love breakfast and I never miss it. I usually have a very small bowl of granola early in the morning to have some “fuel” for my workout, and then second breakfast between 10:00 and 11:00 with home baked bread. No, I’m not a Hobbit…

  19. 100% correct! It’s better than a cigarette! And let’s not forget the health benefits of chocolate too!

  20. I love you little story about your breakfast—in words and photos. By the way, I am not much of a breakfast eater myself. 🙂

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