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Spring Break and Be Still Week 48


Apparently I’ve been on a blogging break for the past few weeks. It wasn’t intentional; it just seems to have turned out that way. It’s not that I haven’t been taking photographs, or even sharing them — just not on my blog. For example, I participated in Susannah Conway’s April Love 2015, but my responses to those daily prompts were posted in the April Love 2015 Facebook group.

Also in April, I took Vivienne McMasters’ new Double Exposure Love class, which was so much fun! Those got posted to Instagram. Here’s a sampling:


This is one of my favorites:

IMG_0727Double Vision

These were all created on my iPhone or iPad using the Diana Photo app. Some of them were paired randomly by the app, and some were pairings I chose. Vivienne showed us other ways to make double exposures using PicMonkey and Photoshop, but I’ve been having so much fun with Diana Photo that I haven’t tried them yet.

Be Still – 52

I also took a break during April — again, not deliberately — from Be Still 52. I have a few lessons to catch up on, but I did get this week’s done. Our assignment was a still life featuring two or three things: coffee or tea, change, from above. I remembered some coins I brought home from my last trip to England and decided to use them to create a travel theme.


This image includes a few photos I took in London on my first trip to England. Yes, that is Her Majesty, and yes, I really was that close to her. It was pure chance and stunning good luck that put me in the right place at the right time on my last day before flying home.

IMG_1212Travel Planning

Plotting how I can get back to spend those coins!

DSC_9168Travel Dreams

I dream of returning to England some day, but at this point it seems likely to remain only a dream. Still, I have wonderful memories and some pretty amazing photos to back them up. And, thank goodness, I can still have scones and tea right here at home…and there’s one more season of Downton Abbey to look forward to!

[Be Still notes: The first image was processed with kk_hazydazy Lightroom preset. The second was just cropped a bit and some vignetting added in Lightroom. The last was processed with Kim’s Pastelhaze preset. I did try some of the darker, more dramatic presets with these photos but didn’t care for the results.]

20 thoughts on “Spring Break and Be Still Week 48

  1. Well you are an overachiever and I love what you have been up to. The double exposure is really cool, love that one you love so much. And oh my your coin and tea is wonderful. How cool are those images. I am going next month and I am sure I want get the Queen but really looking forward to my trip.

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  3. Ah England… it’s a country I always find my way back to. It’s one the countries I really like best. That travel guide makes me want to go there again – the photo on the cover looks like Bibury, one of my favorite little villages in the Cotswolds.
    Those double exposures look like a lot of fun. When I was still shooting film I was “sandwiching” two slides and got them processed; those made some fun double exposures as well. I also tried a few in Photoshop, that is fun, too.
    You got to see the Queen – that is really lucky!! RoyaLee…. (LOL)

  4. My, my you have been busy! And I thought you were just rolling in the daffodils at Laurel Hill! Love, love, love Double Vision. I am so envious of your creative energy ~ mine seems to be on a long vacation right now. Also love the new still life(s). My favorite would have to be Keepsake. How about you rubbing elbows with QEII? Wow!

  5. I have some coins and paper bills that I need to spend…someday. I love that tea strainer! I am finding it is good to take a break now and again.

  6. Cool double exposures, Leon. I’ve never done much of that, although both my Nikon and my Olympus have features to do it – not mention Photoshop. The still lifes are really fun. Makes me want to go to England too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. That is the cutest little teapot! Where ever did you get it? 🙂

  8. I love the double exposures, especially the last one. And as soon as I leave this comment I’m off to get that app!

    Love all the still shots. Impressive that you got that close to HRH. I went to London 9 years ago with my mother and my sisters, and we happened to be there on the Queen’s birthday celebration. I got a shot of her in her horse-drawn carriage, but I had to crop the photo a lot to get a close-up shot like yours. One week from today my husband, son, and I will be leaving for England!!! Want anything?

  9. Both series are lovely, but I really fell for the double exposures. They are simply delightful.

  10. I was wondering about you blog! I knew you were doing April Love, which I might add was fun to participate in with you and Sarah! The layered series is amazing! Your favorite. . . my favorite, too! Love your coins and tea! Such pretty accessories!

  11. My goodness, you have been a very busy lady, Lee!
    I just love these images, especially those double exposures.
    They are truly so unique.
    i hope you’re having a wonderful week, my friend. xo.

  12. You’ve really made me appreciate living here! Hope you come back one day (and venture further north!)

  13. Thank you for the double exposure inspiration. I’ve heard a lot about the Diana app – but you finally gave me the final push to download it to my phone. I am eager to see what I can come up with. Your examples are quite stunning.

  14. I’ve been SO neglectful of my blog…but you have inspired me!!!!! Hmmm…why did I think you were from England???? ADORE your favorite double exposure shot! (I am thinking I may need to purchase an iPad). Your work is gorgeous!!!!

  15. Beautiful art. Always love coming for a visit.

  16. You have created wonderful images! Love the double exposure images, they are so unique. The tea and change images are great too, you should frame and hang them for inspiration to plan another visit. 🙂

  17. Visiting via BeStill52 and just wanted to say how much I love your photos! Love that teapot!

  18. Makes me want to take another trip to the UK. Lovely!

  19. Lovely double exposures- I love playing around with the diana app too- Fun!
    Your ‘be still’ photos are great & you were amazingly close to the queen. Great that you got that shot 🙂

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