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My Year in Pictures: 2015


I recently completed a 365 project (my second), and it’s been one of my favorite activities over the past year. In November of 2014 I downloaded an app called Project 365 Pro onto my iPhone. I take/choose one photo every day, which the app puts into a calendar format. It’s been fun, and on many days over the past year has been my saving grace. It’s the fact that it is so casual, so not serious, that makes it so therapeutic.

No matter my mood — happy or sad, energetic or tired, optimistic or discouraged — I remember I need a photo for my calendar. So I go outside and take a walk, or look around the house with fresh eyes, and find something to photograph. The activity itself is refreshing, and there’s something I find very satisfying about the small accomplishment of filling that day’s calendar square with an image. Other things might have gone wrong, but at least I did that!

At the end of each month, I’ve saved the calendar page and shared it on Facebook. And now I have a brief visual diary of the past year. Each image is a reminder of something that happened, or that I did or saw. And there’s a record of me as part of my own life, too, since I’ve included at least one self-portrait each month.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen these already. But here it is, my year collected in one place. It’s not necessarily Art, it’s just life.













I learned about the Project 365 Pro app from the lovely Carol Hart after seeing her post her own months of photos on Facebook. There are a number of similar apps, some with more features, available for iPhone and probably for Android phones, too. I like this one for its simplicity and ease of use.

Scrolling through all of these months, I’m shocked at how fast each one has gone by, how quickly one season rolls into the next. It reminds me that I want to be present in my life every day, no matter what that day may bring. I’m starting my new calendar right now  — with a new selfie for the New Year.


Someone in a Facebook group I’m a member of referred to 2016 as “Sweet Sixteen.” I love that thought! I wish you all a happy, healthy, fulfilling, sweet new year!

28 thoughts on “My Year in Pictures: 2015

  1. What a great selfie or the beginning of the new year. I loved seeing the progression of colors throughout your year. Great accomplishment!

  2. What a very pretty year you had, my dear! Glad I could be there for some of it! 🙂

  3. A fabulous idea, Leon. I love some of your themes. Flowers, tea, Jenny! And beautiful you! Happy New Year, Leon.

  4. Beautiful self portrait. I love how you include at least one image of yourself each month. Your year in photos is fascinating to scroll through and is so inspiriting. I’ve about decided to try another 365. I did take a picture today just in case I decide I want to try! I need the push right now. I can’t seem to get motivated without a little push! I’m looking forward to your 2016 photos!

  5. Beautiful photos, and another beautiful selfie to start your Sweet Sixteen year!. It was fascinating to look at all of the months together. I loved retracing bits and pieces of your year with you. I love the idea of this program!

  6. What a neat App! That makes it easy, and like you say, it is about the day, not making a still or looking for something special. Your selfies are just lovely!! Have a wonderful New Year Leon!

  7. I’ll have to check the app out, sounds like something I would enjoy.
    A very nice selfie to start the new year with. And ‘sweet’ it is!

  8. I have seen these already, but I didn’t know who you did it. (Of course, I could have asked.) I love your take on this project — and your photos are always so beautiful! I went immediately to the app store and got the Project365 Pro. Can’t promise I’ll be as diligent as you are, but you make it sound fun.

    Happy New Year!! 🙂

  9. Great idea!

  10. Your commitment to this project is to be commended. I started but sorry to say I haven’t been consistent but I am trying again this year and promise myself I will be more faithful. Your pictures are wonderful and wouldn’t they make a great book for the 2015. I love your self portriat; what a beautiful smile.

  11. Such a great app. Your photos each month are lovely.

  12. What a lovely idea! Think I will do that in 2016

  13. First off Happy New Year Leon. Cool to see you put yourself in each of the months, somehow we always forget ourselves most of the time.

  14. Great post! LOVE all of your photos and thanks for the info on that app. Going now to check it out. Thanks again and take care.

  15. What a great calendar! Such a wonderful way to share your 365 photos, Leon. I will have to try this app. I love seeing the photos of you each month — you look so youthful and happy in the last one! Happy New Year!

  16. What a beautiful smile you have, my friend!!!
    I actually just recently heard of this app, and it sounds great.
    The fact that it’s easy to use is also a great motivator.
    Congratulations on finishing your second 365. That is quite an accomplishment, and you should be very proud of yourself.

    I wish you a most beautiful year ahead. xo.

  17. Lovely lovely Leon, I so love 365 as you know i’m doing a quote a day on Instagram and the little app is ideal for keeping a record of my year. thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. Happy New Year x

  18. Sweet sixteen – I will keep this in mind for this year. It somehow has a true ring to it.
    I love the idea of the 365 project – I wonder whether I should do a 366 for this year – or better 360 since we’re already on day 6. I have to look for an app like this for Android.

  19. Sweet sixteen – I will keep this in mind for this year. It somehow has a true ring to it.
    I love the idea of the 365 project – I wonder whether I should do a 366 for this year – or better 360 since we’re already on day 6. I have to look for an app like this for Android.

  20. This is great – I love this idea. I might just check out that app.
    Lovely photos & you’re right about this life zooming by. Very important to enjoy the moment

  21. I do like that sweet 16…hope it becomes true for us all. Congratulations on your 365, and I immediately downloaded that app, now I need to start documenting. Thanks for sharing your year with us and hope you have the sweetest 2016 ever.

  22. A 365 project is a great undertaking – and you did great in the past year. What a calendar of photos you have created! Wish you all the best for 2016.

  23. This is a HUGE accomplishment. I used the app for a few months and if I didn’t stay on top of it, it was hard to catch up. Then I just quit. Are you on Instagram? I can’t remember.

  24. Hi, you are always so thoughtful to send lovely thoughts to my blog…I always enjoy seeing what you are up to..and loved the snow photos, having once lived near Lake Tahoe and the Rockies…lots of snow. I find I can’t send my comment, so you wouldn’t know this. I am going to try logging into Facebook and see if that makes me more “eligible.” Smiles: Sharon

  25. Yay it worked. So soon you will see spring, we have pink blossoms shooting out, great time to become re-inspired to use one’s camera.

  26. Absolutely love your project and would love to do this. What do you download on your phone for this. Such a great way to look back at your year. Also thanks for stopping by my blog. Will be your newest follower!

    • Jeanne, it’s an iPhone app called Project365 Pro. The “pro” version costs 99 cents and eliminates ads — a bargain, in my opinion! There are several calendar/photo apps out there, but a friend told me about this one and I like it because it’s so simple. Thanks for visiting and for following! 🙂

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