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Winter’s Arrived


It felt like winter finally arrived on Friday, when we got almost ten inches of snow.

IMG_8804Snow Day Afternoon

One of the rules at my apartment building is that we must move our vehicles out of the parking lot by 8 a.m. on the day after a snowstorm, so the lot can be plowed. Saturday morning dawned: it was 7 degrees at 7 a.m. I filled my travel mug with hot coffee and headed out at 7:30 to do some shopping while I waited for the all-clear to go back into the lot.

The sky was blue, every twig was white, the air was crystalline. Do I want to spend this glorious morning at Walmart? No, I do not. Change of plan — let’s take the scenic route instead.

First, Laurel Hill. Is it strange that I love hanging out at this cemetery? It is always so beautiful and peaceful there, no matter the season. Yesterday was no exception. The only sounds were a faint hum from distant traffic, and the songs of a few birds who sounded as happy to be out as I was.

IMG_8810Into the Light

IMG_8816Where Daffodils Bloom

You may remember seeing photos of this view in the springtime, when thousands of blooming daffodils tumble down the hill almost to the water’s edge. The snowy hillside and icy river were just as stunning a sight.



RTFT7905Victorian Lace


The angel-messenger waved goodbye as I drove on to see what was happening at the beach.

First, to Camp Ellis. Even after fifteen winters in Maine, I’m still enough of a California girl that a snow-covered beach feels like a very unnatural natural phenomenon. But isn’t it pretty?




And on to Ocean Park, my favorite beach for walking. I was not the first, but I did have the beach to myself.

IMG_8849All Mine

ECZW0145Treasure Hunting

GHGC4871Sky Dancing

FCCB3981Up “The Creek”

PATD9302Sea Wall


The pathway to my “secret beach” was inaccessible, so I circled back to my car and that mug of coffee. By that time my fingers and toes were numb and the warmth of a store didn’t sound like such a bad idea. Off to do those errands!

Side note: While I wasn’t paying attention, WordPress has gone and changed everything, and I don’t like it one bit! It looks like they’ve tried to simplify things, but to me it feels more complicated than before. I can’t see half of what I’m doing, categories and tags have moved to the opposite side of the screen, and my sidebar has disappeared completely from the posting window. It’s much harder to format photos the way I want them. I feel like I’m starting from scratch with a completely new blog host. I’ll get used to it, but meanwhile, I’m not happy. And to think, I’ve been telling everyone lately how much I’ve always enjoyed blogging on WordPress…. Okay, rant over. Sorry about that!


24 thoughts on “Winter’s Arrived

  1. Oh my! I’m speechless at all this winter beauty! You should make a book of your winter pictures. I’ve never been to a cemetery in the snow. Now that I’ve seen the beauty, I’ll be going there if it ever snows again!! I’ve also never seen a beach covered with snow. That I will never see, so I’ll just have to enjoy it through your eyes!

  2. Beautiful photographs Leon! Thanks for getting up and going out with your camera to let me know how beautiful my neighborhood was through your eyes while I was sitting on the couch post dog walk with my hot chocolate!

  3. Well, for starters, I will be on blogger forever. I barely can do that. These pictures are gorgeous. I thought I was glad we had very little snow this year, but I miss scenes like this! Enjoy, stay warm!

  4. Stunning! Your images are positively stunning! Breathtaking!! You’ve capture the essense of Winter Beauty. Thanks so much for working through all the WordPress issues (i know how frustrating that can be!) So very happy to see your work!!

  5. I am right there with everyone else, these are stunning and feast for the eyes> I love it when I see images of snow clinging to the branches. Thanks so much for braving the cold. Also glad you stick with getting these up.

  6. Lee~~ These are just so beautiful! I am glad you decided to take this drive, and I am sure you were too.
    I have scrolled through these several times trying to choose a favorite, but it’s almost impossible.
    I think “Treasure Hunt” might be the one though. Just love that one.

    You have a wonderful day, my friend..

  7. Beautiful shots, Leon! All of them. I agree with you, I’m not fond of the new format for WP. I haven’t put up any posts in the past few weeks, but at one time there was a button allowing you to return to the original format. I’ll go see if I can find it.

  8. These are stunning images! I’m hoping that we will have such a snow sometime this winter. Just to get out and walk in it and take in the quiet, the winter beauty. I feel as though I’ve taken that walk with you this morning!

  9. Look at the adventure you had, and a chilly one at that, but the photos are gorgeous, and oh that sunshine.

  10. You took some great snow photos. The snow-covered beach is beautiful. I prefer to hang out in the header photo! 😉 At least it looks warm there. I’m still using the original posting format. I tried a newer version, but didn’t like it as much. I haven’t tried the latest one.

  11. That is really winter! And you captured it beautifully in these images. Well done.

  12. Luminous indeed . . . beautiful winter photos . . .

  13. Your snowy part of the world is so beautiful! I’m glad that you decided to do the scenic route 🙂

  14. Oh I’m so happy you went out with your camera to share these beautiful shots with us! Because, we have had so little snow to enjoy anything like this. Not even 8 inches total…Love every one and the added beauty of the blue skies and white snow on the trees is splendid! I haven’t made a new post for a few weeks, so I haven’t noticed the change….guess I’ll be floundering too. Enjoy your winter time…it’s cold here but the grass shows through the thin snowfall.

  15. Oh, my! What gorgeous winter shots, Leon! Into the light is just stunning. We are well into Spring here, but your images make me wish we had snow here. Thank you for taking the scenic route and sharing these wonderful pix with us.

  16. Lee, these photos are stunning!!! A clear, cold winter day is something I still remember fondly – I used to love them back in Germany, going out and taking tons of photos, then coming back home and enjoying hot chocolate. I’m not a lover of the cold – California has spoilt me – but those days are simply wonderful and I would love to have one every now and then (at the most).

  17. Oh, your words, your pics……There lies such beauty!!!

  18. Absolutely breathtaking!

  19. Your winter shots are just gorgeous! Not much snow here in Texas, so will have to live serendipitously through your shots. Looks as if you need a spring update though! Thank s for stopping in at my castle shots!!

  20. Having just come through winter and now enjoying spring, I never thought I would say snow is pretty.

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