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Springing into Summer


Not only is winter over, but I have completely skipped spring here on the blog. Well, not completely, since officially the first day of summer is still a couple of weeks away. But around here, Memorial Day weekend is the real beginning of summer regardless of what the calendar says.

My daughter and I took advantage of the last week before that holiday to take a day trip to Ogunquit, a popular vacation destination that’s packed with visitors during the summer months. It was one of those idyllic days that linger in the memory long afterward.


Wouldn’t you love to stay at this beautiful inn? I always like to imagine what places like this were like when they were private homes.

We browsed in a few shops, then enjoyed lunch at a new restaurant: delicious clam chowder and a Maine crab melt sandwich with Old Bay fries, the sandwich grilled to tender, crispy perfection and the fries offering a spicy counterpoint to the delicate crab.



After lunch we strolled along Marginal Way, a popular path overlooking the ocean. On a midsummer weekend, you would not be able to see the pavement for the people!


The blue-green sea softly melded into the sky at the horizon.


The sun-warmed breeze was sweet with the scent of lilacs and wildflowers.


Did you know that Mallard ducks will visit the ocean to bathe and feed? I had thought they were strictly freshwater birds. I was very surprised to see them paddling around in this tide pool.


The sound of the waves mingled with birdsong and the quiet conversation and laughter of others out enjoying the day.



There was even music!


Who could ask for more?

We drove home tired but happy. It had been a perfect day. It was just a few hours, spent less than an hour’s drive from home, but it truly felt like a vacation. It reminded me of how little it takes to break out of my routine for a refreshing change, and how good it feels when I do. Here’s to more “Daycations”! *

* Credit goes to my friend Cathy H at Gramma’s Little Corner for introducing me to this delightful word.

14 thoughts on “Springing into Summer

  1. Nice to get a post and photos again.

  2. Musicians on the beach, how perfect is that! So glad you got out before the tourists landed. I love to see the ocean.

  3. I am so close, and yet it has been so long since I have spent a day in Ogunquit (“Beautiful Place by the Sea”). Your photographs are wonderful and I am virtually enjoying the day you and Jennifer had. Thank you for my virtual daycation as it is in the 50’s and raining outside! I like the idea of daycations!

  4. Lovely shots of what sounds like a wonderful day. Makes me excited about an upcoming trip to Maine

  5. Nice to have you back. And what a lovely post to return with you blog. Beautiful photos showing what an amazing experience this must have been.

  6. It really was lovely! Here’s to more fun outings soon! 🙂

  7. I love little mini vacations like that and what a beautiful area, thank you for sharing this special place.

  8. Most of my “daycation” was spent in the car traveling and your was spent near the water. Hmmmm I like yours much better! At least I felt like I was there through your pictures. That first house, oh wow! I would love to see it in person and yes, I would love to stay there! Sometimes it only takes a day with someone we love to refresh and relax us. I’m glad you got away!

  9. I meant to add that I have missed your blogging. I’m so glad you’re back!

  10. Two words: Barnacle Billy’s!!! Ok, two more: Lobster Rolls!!!
    Lee, Ogunquit is one of my very, very favorite places. When I lived in Boston, I spent many a weekend there.
    It’s beauty is hard to describe, but you captured it so beautifully here.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I have missed you here, my friend. xo.

  11. This location looks just perfectly lovely to spend a day or three! Yes, I too always wonder what life was inside those old Victorian homes with single families. I imagine things to be quite nice. The ocean views are simply spectacular both in color and distance…I love to linger on infinite views, in both photos and real life. And the sounds along the ocean…accompanied by music…it all sounds perfect! I hope you returned home refreshed after seeing all this beauty, and eating delicious foods.

  12. You made me really hungry with the description of the sandwich. Oh yummy!!! I think we went to Ogunquit on our cross-country trip in 2007 because we read that it was very beautiful. Of course when we got there it was foggy and windy, but we still had a good time.

    I love your blog header, it’s so beautiful!

  13. Your photos are really wonderful ❤
    Anni & Toby

  14. The inn looks like a wonderful place to stay. Glad you were able to get a daycation in such a beautiful location. My daughter loves Maine and hopes to go back some day.

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