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Bountiful Blossoms


I’m loving the rhododendrons blooming all around my neighborhood right now. I’ve noticed that the buds are always more intense in their color than the opened blossoms. So many variations…from delicate pale pink buds that open nearly white, to shades of lavender and magenta, to dark red buds that open to a fiery deep pink that my camera couldn’t quite capture.

Not having a garden of my own, I’m grateful to be able to enjoy other people’s beautiful flowers from the sidewalk. Here’s just a sampling from a recent walk:










These photos were all taken with my iPhone 5s within a few blocks of my home.

11 thoughts on “Bountiful Blossoms

  1. Oooh, lovely. That almost makes me want to go outside! 😉

  2. Beautiful! I don’t have any rhododendrons in my garden, but there is a botanical garden not too far away where I can go and see their beauty. They also have a nice scent!

  3. That first one is gorgeous! Mine are more the pink/purple/fuchsia color

  4. My rhododendrons came and went in May. I have the white and the pink flowers. I may have to go hunting for a red-blossoming rhododendron after seeing the photos you took. They really are stunning.

  5. Lee, these are beautiful!
    I have been scrolling up and down trying to select a favorite here, and I think it would have to be the first one. It is just magical, and extra special to me because most of the ones we see here are the purple/magenta variety.

    Really fantastic photographs of them, my friend.
    I hope you are having a wonderful week. xo.

  6. I love rhododendron! I have one next to my porch and was just lamenting this afternoon that the blooms, with all of the wind we’ve had, are just about done for the year. I agree with you that I think the buds and opening buds are the most exciting ~ I agree with other commenters that #1 was my favorite for that reason. There is so much depth and texture to that soon to be realized full bloom. Love seeing the neighborhood through your lens!

  7. Beautiful as always, Leon!!!

  8. These blossoms along with dogwood always remind me of my home state of VA. Love all the different colors.

  9. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous flowers. My favourite is the first with its elegant colours and peachful composition.

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