Sea Blue Lens

Evening Out Back


Late afternoon. Something about the quality of the light through the window catches my eye and I head outside for a better look.


The “golden hour” approaches — those last few minutes at the end of the day before the sun goes down. It’s one of my favorite times of day. I don’t need to go far, just down the stairs and around behind my building, to capture the interplay of glowing light on leaves and water.

IMG_0609The low-angled sunlight casts a beautiful sidelight on the trees at the edge of the river.

IMG_0607The mosses and ripples seem lighted from within.

IMG_0615Leaves glow against deep shadows.

IMG_0618Reflections dance quietly on the water.

The sun sets, the light fades and in moments is gone, and another day is done.

16 thoughts on “Evening Out Back

  1. Always love the golden. Hour… Gratitude abounds then!!!!

    Anita Johnson 262.352.2064

    “May you always be overwhelmed by the grace of God, Rather than by the cares of this life.”


  2. Love the light at that hour also! You have such a spectacular view right outside your door with the play of light on the leaves and the water. How beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos. The light is perfect. Enjoy your week. Peace.

  4. I like your “out back.” What a peaceful place it looks to be.

  5. This is so beautiful written, makes me feel that I am there, and gorgeous photos too.

  6. Wonderful colors.

  7. Beautiful, Leon. I love your eye! Fabulous light and composition.

  8. You’ve been very busy over here on your blog, I haven’t been here for a few weeks. & now there are 4 new posts! So lovely for you to be heading into summer. These are lovely golden hour photos & I so agree with your list making plans a few posts ago. I always like to write lists otherwise it is too easy to put things off.

  9. I just love these images, Lee, and it is my very favorite time of day also.
    The light is just perfect in these.
    Beautifully captured, my friend. xo.

  10. The light was indeed beautiful, and you captured some lovely images.

  11. It’s a beautiful time in the day. The light would have caught me, too – this is what I like about early mornings, too. It’s a very different quality of light then, but also beautiful and holds all the promise of a new day.

  12. Ah the golden hour! Love it. This is your backyard?

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