Sea Blue Lens

Summer Shower


We had a brief thunderstorm this afternoon. It didn’t rain long, or much, but it freshened the air and rinsed the pollen dust off everything. Afterward I walked to the park next door to see what I could see.

DSC_0198Birds of a [Different] Feather

An American Robin and a House Sparrow were keeping company on a dripping overhead cable.


A maple leaf had let go of its lifeline.

DSC_0203Mystery Blossoms

Raindrops freshened flowers and foliage and pattered down from the trees overhead. I don’t know what these flowers are — the pink ones are on a large shrub, and the blue ones are a vine entangled in it. (If you know, please tell me!)

IMG_1153The Last Iris

IMG_1158The First Daylily


This web is strung horizontally between the leaves of a huge hosta. There was no one home, but as you can see the larder is full of gustatory delights…if you’re a spider, anyway.

IMG_1169-2Storm? What Storm?

Behind the apartment, all traces of the storm were gone.

DSC_0236Rosa Multiflora

Bowers of tiny roses climbed high into the trees, their petals already dry.

DSC_0241The Calm After the Storm

leaf light and sky shine
illuminate clear water
ripples reflect peace

Wishing you a happy Wednesday, friends.

17 thoughts on “Summer Shower

  1. Excellent spider web. We need rain bad, and still it doesn’t come. I love the smell of the earth after it rains.

  2. I believe the flower is Vetch

  3. I love your photo walks, Leon! Isn’t summer yummy?

  4. It’s so nice and fresh after a storm, isn’t it? You captured it so beautifully. I love to go out after a good rain. Everything seems to be so clear and fresh, it smells so good as well. No idea when this will happen here again…

  5. What lovely captures of your rain drenched world! We could use a little rain around here. The daily watering has begun. The last photo with the water reflection is stunning. The colors are so rich and clean!

  6. Everything looks so fresh after a bit of rain! Love the reflections in the last shot.

  7. Stunning! That’s the only word I can think of. Love, love, love these photos ~ and your perspective!

  8. What a beautiful series of images, Lee!
    I love the way the flowers look after a summer rain.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend! xo.

  9. A rain shower is always welcome in the summer time…the fragrance is so nice. Your walk brought us joy to see what you found, from the birds, to the flowers…all so relaxing and soothing (just as I image you are also). Have a wonderful week Leõn. 🙂

  10. Such beautiful images. Summer—with or without showers—is a wonderful time.

  11. There’s nothing prettier than flowers after the rain. You’ve captured some gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  12. Beautiful captures, and hard to believe now that summer is nearly at an end.

  13. oh and just now realized that you live in Maine…. Duh! Looks like I am a bit slow on this. I love Maine and have been there many times, in fact was there only a few weeks ago… Bar Harbor area. Maine is a great state.

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