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An Anniversary



Today marks five years since I began this blog, intended to serve as a photojournal for an online photography class I was taking at the time (Kat Sloma’s “Find Your Eye” course). For the first time, I shared both my photography and my writing with a wider audience than just my family and close friends. Since then I’ve become more confident not only about my photography, but about myself. I’ve made connections online that have become friendships as real as any in the “real world.” I not only found my eye — I also found my voice.

IMG_1757Just Breathe

Why do I pursue photography, anyway? My motivations haven’t changed in the five years since I first thought about that question for Kat’s class. I take photos to capture a moment, a memory, something I want to hold on to. My subject may be permanent as a mountain or ephemeral as a sunbeam, vast as an ocean or tiny as an insect, but it is always something that has captured my eye and my imagination and demands to be captured in turn with my camera.

IMG_1119Quicker Than the Eye

I take photos to explore the world around me.  I love the way my camera helps me to notice things, and even to see things invisible to my naked eyes. I love the way photography allows me to share the things I discover with others. I think what keeps me going, photographing even familiar, “same old, same old” subjects over and over, is the possibility of discovering something new and never-before-seen — at least not by me.

DSC_0052Mother Love

IMG_0630Wings of Light

I photograph the places and things I love. My photography is not a means to an end, it is an end in its own right. I do enjoy publishing my photos on my blog and it’s a special joy when someone tells me one of my pictures has touched or inspired them in some way. But underneath it all is still just that basic need to express myself, to create something that seems beautiful and satisfying to my own eyes.

IMG_0621Summer Sun


If I’m troubled or anxious, a walk with my camera takes me out of myself and brings peace better than any meditation. Is my photography going to Change the World? No, probably not. But it captures a bit of the beauty I see in the world, and that makes me happy. If it gives you pleasure, too . . . that makes me even happier. Purpose fulfilled all around.



17 thoughts on “An Anniversary

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos. That portal draws me into another world, a lush green world that I want to stay in. The dragonfly wings, so delicate and intricate – amazing! You have touched many lives with your photography, your blog and your friendship. Keep going!

  2. I love your photos…and while I miss photography and taking photos , the beauty is still there. I see our Creator all over the place…10,000 reasons for my heart to sing. congratulations!

  3. Wonderful photos.

  4. Lovely photos to go with your words. I feel the same. This one sentence is just how I feel. “But underneath it all is still just that basic need to express myself, to create something that seems beautiful and satisfying to my own eyes.”

  5. So nicely put into words. Congratulations on five years! I look forward to many more. Your photos are stunning. I especially like the dragonfly – perfect.

  6. I love both the images and your words in this post! How can it be that five years have flown by so fast? So glad that Kat’s class brought us together, to share our photographic expression and to sew the seeds of friendship.

  7. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I honestly can’t believe it’s been five years since we took Kat’s class! Some of my closest online friends came through Kat’s classes. I’m grateful that you are one of them. This is such a lovely collection of photos and like always they bring me pleasure. I love to see the world through your eyes!

  8. What a beautiful post this is, Lee, and your photographs are just magnificent!
    Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful space here. I for one, truly feel so fortunate to have “met” you, my friend. xo.

  9. I have enjoyed watching your growth through this blog. I especially love your photographs because we are basically neighbors and you show me all of the images I miss on a daily basis. I met you in a different art form ~ water color ~ and have so enjoyed watching you truly blossom as a photographer and writer. Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary ~ here’s to many more creative years ahead!

  10. Congratulations on 5 years- I feel the some way about photography -these photos are lovely- so good to notice & capture some of the beauty around us. I remember that class with Kat too- it was a good one wasn’t it?

  11. Happy Anniversary, Leon! I’ve enjoyed following your blog since we met in Kat’s class. Much of what you say about photography resonates with me. I hope you continue blogging, as you’ve given me new perspectives and I enjoy seeing a glimpse of life in New England. Thanks for being my friend.

  12. Congratulations, Lee. I wonder whether we have read each other’s blogs pretty much from the start. I think so. It’s always a pleasure coming here – it’s your photos that pull me in every time. I love the way you capture the world around us. And I admire how you express yourself with your words – that’s something I still struggle with, where something within comes to a stop because I just lack the ability to express myself in a foreign language. No matter how long I’m living here, English will always be my second language which is just not the perfect tool for me. I wish it was different…

    Today’s selection of your photos is fantastic. Each image stands for itself and speaks to me.

  13. León, your words perfectly describe how I feel about photography, except you are the author…I discovered you later in my photography journey as I was a bit later in taking Kat’s class too. I would have loved being in the same one with you. I’d love to crawl into your space right here and hibernate among the beautiful places you’ve captured, and for the very reasons you say you take them. I remember when I first shared my blog link, I was frightened…thinking I was opening my personal space to people I really didn’t know. And like you say, so many are now lovely friends. Thank you so much for being a friend…it means a lot!

  14. Oh this post is so inspiring León! I too, started my blog years ago, but I’ve lost my blogging (drive?) this summer. When you visited my blog, and left a comment, it stirred a little encouragement in me, and I thank you for that … and now this post … Your photos are superb, and I love that little bee with the bee’s knees! Thank you for sharing your beauty!

  15. Congratulations with your five years of blogging. That is quite an achievement. And, yes, you definitely have a clear photographic voice, as this images so awesomely show. Really beautiful, Lee.

  16. I SO LOVE your photos, and especially what an amazing shot is the one “mother Love”. Such a great capture that is. I have had my blog just about the same amount of time and what an adventure it has been. also love all that you said about your photography, and it is all the same precious meanings to me. I have so much fun in life because of my camera. Think it is the best “hobby” ever!

  17. Five years?! That’s wonderful. I just began my journey and like you I never shared my writing with people. Some seem to be offended, as if they are meeting me for the first time. I can only be myself. Great work! Happy shooting!

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