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In Search of a Mission


img_3206Finding Myself

I am in the midst of Susannah Conway’s Blogging from the Heart course, and one of the first assignments was to write a mission statement for my blog. I have been stumped, pondering on this for almost two weeks. I wrote a lot of notes about the why, what, and how of my blogging. But I couldn’t seem to make it coalesce into a sentence or two that sounded anything like a “mission statement,” a phrase that has ponderous and corporate overtones in my mind.

Then, yesterday. Yesterday I found it — by accident, synchronicity, coincidence, or providence, depending upon your point of view. I found it posted on the Facebook page of the poet Mary Oliver.

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
~ Mary Oliver, Sometimes (from Red Bird)

In these uncertain and often fearful times, it seems more important than ever to seek out the good, the beautiful, the curious, and the awe-inspiring in the world around us, and to notice even tiny things that astonish and amaze us. To embrace life and our fellow beings on this vast yet small planet with grace and kindness. To share our discoveries and our delight with others, so they might experience it, too.

And so there it is, my mission statement: I will pay attention, be astonished, and tell about it. That sums it up in a nutshell — the reason I take the photographs I do, the reason I write about them, the reason I press “publish” on this blog.

Thank you, Mary Oliver.


29 thoughts on “In Search of a Mission

  1. Oh Hallelujah! You definitely found it! I loved this post. I feel it is the start of a whole new See Blue Lee!

  2. I love your mission statement-spot on

  3. I love it! And you do it well.

  4. Spot on Leon! Mary Oliver always hits the target!

  5. It’s a wonderful mission statement and perfect for you. Great start!

  6. perfectly wonderful mission statement . . .
    nice to have a bit of mary oliver in ones pocket . . .

  7. I think it’s perfect. You nailed it.

  8. I can feel your kindness and your grace through your words. This is absolutely divine. ❤

  9. It’s really spot on indeed. I love it. Seeking out the beautiful, that really resonates with me actually. Your words are wonderful!!

  10. Brilliant! So apt and perfect in so few words. Love it.

  11. Perfect mission statement for you!! I love this quote. It’s one I like to keep on my desktop.

  12. Oh, I’m more than thrilled about your mission statement…it’s just perfect. As I read down the sidebar and see how you and I have taken so many of the same classes, and you have your blog so organized….well done!! I look forward to reading more about your class.

  13. Isn’t it amazing…just what we need comes along at just the right time…..I love your mission statement and I think it suits you to a T…..

  14. First and foremost I simply love your image. And for the mission statement, I think I could steal that for myself! I also think from taking so many classes as you and as a photographer as you we all could relate to this. She is one smart lady isn’t she? Looks like a good class and a perfect time of year for you to take this course. Have fun.

  15. I adore Mary Oliver poetry. And so happy to have a reminder of these beautiful words who have chosen as your mantra. Perfect. And I so agree with your reasoning. If we can’t simplify writing/ sharing a blog then we fall to the wayside. (hmm like me) Your reasons are perfect: sharing astonishing coincidences, finds, fleeting thoughts add up to personal happiness in sharing. I look forward to what astonishes you.
    Thank you for your many comments on my own blog. Today, once again I am attempting to post on your blog to say THANK YOU. You are most thoughtful. But this like past comments may not post, I can’t seem to get past having to set up a WordPress site. So I will cross my fingers and maybe hit Facebook icon.
    I wish you knew how many times I have enjoyed your posts….with Smiles: Sharon

  16. Oh my goodness, thank the stars above, I can see that my post posted. Now for it to STICK!!!!!!

  17. My dear, Lee, this could not possibly be more perfect. It really does say it all to me.
    I am so glad that you and your “mission statement” found each other.
    Happy day to you, sweet friend. xo.

  18. So glad you didn’t rush it or force it and you just let it come to you…Mary Oliver is like that…she seeps in when you need her most…I have always loved that simple quote…and yes, a perfect Mission Statement for many of us who dwell in photography…
    I’m going to look around but right from the start your blog looks lovely…why is that we have not connected before….I guess we just had to “let it come’…

  19. Such a great mission statement! Love it

  20. That is such a beautiful mission, to cherish everything good and beautiful in life. We human beings tend too foten to overlook all that is so amazing in our lives and embrace life.

  21. A beautiful mission statement! That sentiment is kind of how I want to be too. x

  22. Excellent, Lee!! You nailed it. I think this is what your blog is about – and it is said so beautifully.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog today. My emotions are on a roller coaster right now. While I felt really good this morning, I felt physical heartache this afternoon. I have decided to let the pain be there and be sad right now. I’m sure it will get better and I will rejoice in my new found freedom. It needs some adjustment on my side, but I will get there. Thank you!

  23. That’s a beautiful mission statement. I wish I thought of it. I love that painting? I look at it, and I see humility.

  24. PERFECT !!! and so you!!!

  25. An incredible and inspiring post … I LOVE your mission statement! well done!@

  26. That is beautiful! Love those words, and your statement. I often remind myself “to look, and see the wonder”. Kind of the same xx

  27. Wondering how you are enjoying susannah class? I have taken several of her classes and have always enjoyed them.

  28. Mary Oliver has so many good words. I’m fond of these, too, “The door to the woods is the door to the temple.”

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