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Scene & Story, Chapter 1: September 2016


Scene & Story is a new project my friend Sarah (Paisley Rain Boots) and I dreamed up last week, in hopes of stimulating our photography and writing. She wrote about our idea and how it came about in this post. Basically, it’s the practice of reviewing our previous month’s photographs, choosing one that speaks strongly to us, and writing a blog post about it. It’s reminiscent of the old Photo-Heart Connection linkup that we both loved and miss.

The photograph I chose from September is not my favorite image, nor even the one that calls most directly to my heart and soul. That would have been the woman on the foggy beach from my last post. Since I didn’t want to use that one again, I turned to runner-up number one, a photo that speaks to me for both positive and negative reasons.


I love the colors, the reflections, that hazy moon, the tranquility of the scene and the moment. The best thing about my apartment is that it backs onto a river. All I have to do is go out the door, down the stairs, and walk a few steps to see the view above, which I love at any time and any season. Sunset often fills sky and water with exquisite colors and textures.

There are lots of stories here. The old brick mill buildings are finding new life as condos, businesses, and artists’ studios. The railroad bridge is traversed day and night by both freight trains and the Amtrak Downeaster. That huge industrial stack on the right is all that’s left of a former trash incineration facility that was the bane of the communities on both sides of the river.

On this particular evening, I noticed the changing light through my window and went outside with my camera. It was a perfect end-of-summer evening, and the not-quite-half moon was following the sun towards the horizon. I took several photos, then just sat on the granite blocks edging the river, soaking in the peace that I always find in nature, especially by the water. I am so grateful to have this right here, right now.

So…what’s the negative? Looking through my September photos made me think about how close to home I stay most of the time. My river view is beautiful and photogenic, and so is my little park next door. It’s so easy, so comfortable to stay home, to stroll around the familiar neighborhood, to photograph the same subjects over and over. But there is so much more out there and I want to explore it!

This morning, inspired already by this new project, I did just that. But that’s a story for another day.

Be sure to visit Paisley Rain Boots for Sarah’s September Scene & Story.

If you’d like to post your own “Scene & Story,” you’re more than welcome, and we’d love to know about it. We hadn’t planned on a formal linkup, but if you feel like joining in, you could leave a link to your post in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Scene & Story, Chapter 1: September 2016

  1. I am here after reading paisleyrainboot’s scene&story…What a wonderful idea that the two of you dreamed up 🙂 Both of you have written beautiful posts with wonderful photos 🙂

  2. I came here from Sarah’s blog and am so glad I did! You have a beautiful view from your deck – I can understand how easy it would be to stay close to home. I’m at North Station most evenings as they give the boarding call for the Downeaster – sometimes I think jumping on it would be a fun adventure. I’m going to enjoy following along on this new monthly adventure!

  3. This is a really wonderful and fun idea for blogging that you and Sarah came up with. There’s always a story. I too am a close to home photographer, unless my hubs takes me out….but I find that living in this city isn’t as conducive to safe alone photography outings. I look forward to your new adventures away from your apartment…though living by the river is a lovely place to be and it’s quite photogenic. Thank you for sharing this Leon!!

  4. I love you and Sarah’s new collaboration. I always enjoyed photo-heart connection. Although it was difficult for me to write about a photo, I was inspired by others and what they wrote. I think it would be wonderful to have the river right behind my house, but then again I do like to wander. Looking forward to reading more from you two.

  5. I love this idea… im confined to the things around my home and yet im surprised by the new things I see. Enjoyed this story… you have a beautiful view….

  6. This is such a great idea ! I too miss the old Photo Heart Connection it was a way of making me get my act together and write a blog post and push the boundaries a bit. I hope to join you and Sarah on your journey. i would love to have the water so close so I could watch it’s changing moods through the year..

  7. One of the things I love about your photographs is that we both live in the same neighborhood and you give me an entirely new perspective on things I walk past every day. I like this new project, and I understand your desire to travel further. I think it will be good for you and can’t wait to see what evolves.

  8. Wonderful, Leon! I love the shot and your story.What a fun project. And your views by the river are spectacular. I can certainly understand why you would tend to stay close to home!

  9. Enjoyed your photo pick and post. Looking forward to following along over the months to come.

  10. Will look forward to you and Sarah posting your monthly photos and stories. Such a fun collaborative thing to do. Have you and Sarah thought of doing your own version of Photo and Heart Connection. Bet lots of folks would love to participate in it.???? Well?? Hope your weekend is a great one, and I love the Serenity of your view! Lucky you

  11. Good for you both in doing a project together. It is always nice to set goals for yourself and if doing it with another like minded person even better. I don’t really know Photo Heart Connection but it sounds like a good one. Your image is beautiful and peaceful with the soft colors of reflection.

  12. Loved the backstory of the things in the photo. Even more excited about the crack in your exterior that is allowing you to come alive, in travel, photography, and just plain opening up and allowing others in. Well done my dear friend.

  13. I always like photos with a story. Photography close to home of familiar surroundings makes us look harder, I think. I often photograph a trail behind my house, yet the light and changing weather make it seem new again.

  14. What a wonderful idea this is, Lee, and such a beautiful image.
    I love the description of your feelings regarding this photograph, also.
    Happy Sunday, my friend! xo.

  15. This is a lovely idea, and it reminded me of the photo-heart connection. You chose a beautiful photo and it was lovely to read your post, your thoughts about this particular photo and get a little insight into your life.
    And I realized that I took only very few photos in September.

  16. A lovely story and project by both of you…I’m a bit of both I guess. I have lots of lovely things to photograph near my house and I do take advantage of that gift, especially when I’m short on time…but also, I love to travel a bit off the beaten path…get into the woods and see what finds me…I am able to do more of that when I am in Maine…sometimes I get in the truck and I’m gone for hours…I enjoyed your back story Leon and your apartment is very close to the water which to me is always a bonus…I love both your work and Sarah’s work…this should be fun for both of you…enjoy.

  17. Beautiful water pictures and great project. Thanks for coming to visit me!

  18. Good evening. I will imagine that tonight you are viewing this same/ but always different view and feeling very grateful for all you have and experience. A beautiful photograph and message. I also love photo-stories…they are so personal and meaningful. When I first looked at your photograph, immediately I noticed the colors in the water and the hazy moon. Then I looked more intently and was struck by the entire composition. Masterly done. The cherry on top was learning about the buildings and their “life today.”

    It is lovely to have someone to share your love for photography and desire to tell personal stories with. I will look forward to next month. I imagine your colors will be very intense and crisp. It is a blessing to have a home with a view like you have…but the cool thing is: you appreciate it and don’t take it for granted. It is amazing how little some people see. Photography and art help us develop a keen eye for the small things, the unexpected pleasures. Have a beautiful October…maybe go to a pumpkin patch…the authentic kind !!! Oh, my you will need to media cards. smiles: sharon

  19. I love seeing this view that is part of your daily life. And I totally understand that whole thing of not getting out enough. My camera has probably stopped speaking to me by now….

  20. Love this project! Beautiful photo and I love reading the story that goes with it, and the realisation that you came to when reviewing your photos. I need to get back into this too. Looking forward to seeing and reading more of your stories. x

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