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Muted Brilliance


Where I grew up, fall was welcomed for its cooler temperatures, but there was no spectacular visual display to mark the changing season. In those “long-ago” days, grocery stores sold pumpkins to carve for Halloween, but there weren’t the festive displays that are found everywhere now. Trees? Well, their leaves just turned brown and fell off. I didn’t know anything different. I’d seen pictures of New England autumns, but they were no more real to me than fairy tales.

Now I make my home in New England — and sometimes I do feel like I’m living in a fairy tale. The fall colors are so brilliant that it’s almost a relief when the leaves finally come down, leaving a more peaceful, monochromatic landscape.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all that color. It still amazes me every year, and I run around trying to photograph it all. But once in a while comes a day of fog and misty rain that transforms and softens the colorful world around me.

dsc_0889Rain on River

dsc_0893Wet Paint

img_3875Crystal Beads


dsc_0898Blue Dawn



The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

~ Carl Sandburg

24 thoughts on “Muted Brilliance

  1. Love your misty shots! I used to live in New England and it is spectacular in the fall. So different from Texas where I live now

  2. That maple leaf with the water droplets divine. Living in Michigan all my life this is all I have ever known, but I do appreciate the starkness of winter, the trees have their own unique beauty then.

  3. That little poem at the end is so lovely…little cat feet…LOL…I love all your photo’s but I agree with Sarah…the maple leaf is pure fall in New England…the rain was a bit refreshing.

  4. The fog is always a mysterious sight for me. We seldom have any. I’ve almost always lived in the Midwest and autumn is colorful, bright, rainy and temps are all over the places. The atmosphere of fall is more meaningful to me as I’m ready to hibernate for the long winter. I always love reading your stories and seeing your beautiful photography. 🍂🍂

  5. Wow – you really made the rain look beautiful! I love the drops and ripples in your first photo, the misty muted colors in the last – and everything in between!

  6. Beautiful

  7. Once again you’ve outdone yourself! I love the texture of Rain on River. My favorites (only because the fog and mist is a different reaction for different people) are Refreshed and Crystal Beads. I just love the crisp sharpness of your images and the beads of rain. I love what the fog and mist do to, especially, the fall colors, but it tends to put my brain in a fog and a funk. So I guess I love it visually, but not emotionally/mentally.

  8. Oh, this is lovely! Foggy, rainy days have always been a favorite of mine. There’s something so peaceful about the muted colors and the dripping rain.

  9. Beautiful rainy New England day. Wonderful shots, Leon!

  10. I always love the moody that fog gives but I also love the brilliant that fall brings with their display. Also only mother nature can do water drops so beautifully. Love your Header

  11. There is no more perfect place to be in the Fall, than New England.
    In particular, in Maine.
    These are such beautiful images, Lee, and I think you have captured the beauty of a New England Fall just perfectly.
    Happy day to you, my friend. xo.

  12. Fog is one of my favorite parts of Fall…especially in West Virginia where I’m usually on vacation and take advantage of it with my camera! Yes one of my favorite fall memories is when they would burn leaves in the street. Environmentally not that great, but I remember my clothes smelling like the smoke and riding our bikes through the embers. Lovely post and photos…as always!

  13. Hi…many years ago, we took our youngest to New England, all the way up to Maine, in October. At that time we lived in the desert of the west. Color shock…pumpkin shock…cider donut shock. So glorious and so totally amazing that I have never forget that experience. It is easy to understand your words. Beautiful photographs, all of them. Very drawn to the close ups and the simple titles: love crystal beads and wet paint. So simple so simply lovely. Often simple is best, don’t you think. Continue to enjoy before the winter cold pulls you inside. Thank you for sharing. smiles: sharon

  14. Your take on Wet Paint made me smile! Thanks!

  15. Oh wow, wow, wow! Leon your last two posts have been filled with such fall gorgeousness I can’t stand it! Love the red bench and and the foggy pics. Love the heath. The Carl Sandburg poems was one of the first I ever studied in school. Still love it.

  16. Such beautiful images! I actually like overcast days since they bring out the colors so much better, and fog is definitely my friend. It makes for such atmospheric photos. I love these rainy pictures, you captured a very special, peaceful mood.

  17. Such an amazing autumn in your area of the country. Beautifully captured in your images.

  18. My goodness, I love fall colors on a cloudy day, and add some fog…these are wonderful.

  19. Fog adds just enough mystery to these gorgeous fall scenes. I like the images of water droplets falling on the river and the leaves. Wonderful photographs!

  20. Such a glorious autumn display … and you captured it beautifully. Oh, and I love that poem/verse xo

  21. Such a beautiful series, showing us the joys of autumn. The blue dawn image is magical. Since I can’t be there in person, I am grateful that you share the splendid New England fall with us. Thank you!

  22. Yes! To every single one of these. I’m bookmarking thus post when I need a precious reminder of the fleeting brilliance of Autumn. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. There is indeed something special about muted colours. And you captured those colours beautifully in these images. I really like the first one, a close-up of a leaf with water droplets.

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