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Nor’easter 2016


I think we’ve just had our final big storm for 2016, and it was a wild and crazy one. You may have heard rumors of it. Even my sister and brother-in-law in California were worried about the “monster storm” they heard was headed for New England.

gazeboAll Decked Out

We haven’t had too much snow this winter — up to now. Yesterday morning about 7:15, as I walked to meet a friend for breakfast, I stopped to take a photo of the lighthouse gazebo on Main Street. There was still a trace of snow from last week. While we were at breakfast, it began to snow a bit, but that wasn’t the storm. No, that was only a little warm-up, if you can call snow a warm-up. By the time I got home, we had maybe an inch of “pre-storm” on the ground. It soon stopped and moved on to make way for the real deal.

All was calm for a couple of hours, and then it began to snow in earnest. Perhaps four inches fell over the next few hours, before switching over to rain that poured down in the evening, washing away most of the snow. But we weren’t done yet! It got colder again and switched back to snow, which was falling steadily when I went to bed around 10:30. I’d guess we got another six inches or so overnight.

By this morning the world was transformed. The first order of business was to dig out both of our cars and remove them from the parking lot by 8:00 so it could be plowed. But first I had to take a picture of the soft pink sunrise clouds.

img_5647Cotton Candy

Let’s just skip over the actual hard labor part. I got enough exercise to feel justified in skipping my fitness class this morning! I was tired and cold, but my reward to myself was to go walking and try to get a few photos with my iPhone. Here’s a bit of what I saw.

img_5656The Bluest Sky!

img_5669Old Faithful
Behind the building: I’m so grateful for the faithful boiler that produces that
picturesque steam — and the heat that warms my apartment.

img_5677These black twigs make beautiful patterns against the snow.

img_5688Remnants of the rain.

img_5697I love this tree in every season.

img_5706Evidence of the wind: snow plastered against the side of the tree trunks.

img_5708A spark of red in a blue and white world.

img_5713In front of the building, rhododendrons conserve energy by letting their leaves “wilt.”

img_5716So nice to see the sun!

img_5720The gate is locked and the park closed until spring. So sad!

img_5730This is ice and snow on the water downstream from the bridge.
Does anyone else see a message?

img_5740More ice/snow on the river. I’ve never seen it like this before.

img_5748A glimpse of the Amtrak train station across the river.

img_5739The Sunny Side
Heading home to have my coffee and get warm!


May this New Year’s weekend find you happy, healthy, safe and warm. I wish you all a wonderful 2017!

20 thoughts on “Nor’easter 2016

  1. Simply stunning photos. Magical.

  2. Nice photos. Hope your new year is filled with more wonderful photos. Maybe we will run into each other. Probably not the peat bog. The driveway is not plowed, too bad, great photos.

  3. I loved this post too! The photos are so crisp.

  4. These are beautiful! They make me a little bit envious! I love them all, but my favorites are the icy berries, the one with the tree, and the river (*7) and of course, those beautiful covered bridges.

  5. Wow what weather! We haven’t had anything like that thank goodness. Thank you for sharing your winter white world.

  6. Just the most beautiful photos, Lee! Love the red berries peeking through the ice. I think of Christmas overseas and ponder all the snow shoveling and careful driving I’d have to do, but then I see magical images like these ones and think it would be so worth it to experience a white Christmas! It was pretty hot here on Christmas day, we had the fan on in the afternoon. I was in air-conditioned comfort for lunch and dinner with my Mum in the hospital, but the afternoon was blazing! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!! xox

  7. Such a wonderful scene Leon. We have so little snow in my part of the world that I have to live vicariously through my friends in colder climes ! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  8. Beautiful pictures but hope you’ve warmed up now!

  9. Definitely not a rumor here!!
    We got pounded with snow over the past couple of days, but it really is so pretty. I just need to stop shoveling long enough to enjoy it. 🙂
    Your photos are just beautiful, especially those covered bridges (my favorite!).
    I wish you all of the most wonderful things in the New Year, my friend.

  10. Such beautiful photos you found on your walk. Here in Naples the official amount was 27 inches but factoring in the wind, in our yard we only have 17 in. Like you, the sun did shine and that’s when we took a ride to Krista’s.
    I love winter in Maine although today is pretty cold. Stay warm Leon and enjoy the beauty and the light. Happy New Year.

  11. These pictures are beautiful….and they made me smile. Ok, maybe not the shoveling part. Love the message in the ice. Happy New Year to you!

  12. Gorgeous pics. This post reminds me of my life in NY. Happy New Year to you and blessings.

  13. Up here in Canada we did hear about the Monster storm headed your way … I even commented that it didn’t sound good 😉 but you have definitely captured the beauty. Snow rain and ice are an incredible mix – monster storm indeed! I love that you not only captured the beautiful winter scenes, but also the steam pouring from your building – what a story it tells! I’m so happy I discovered your blog this year and am looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings! Happy New Year!

  14. Simply stunning! We got about a foot of snow in Vermont on Thursday – just some squalls after that. I love the day after a storm – you captured it beautifully! Your first photo makes me smile – only in Maine – charming! Happy New Year – I wish you a happy, healthy 2017!

  15. Great winter images, Leon. You inspire me…I am out of practice. LOL

  16. Love your winter images. Beautiful!

  17. Annoying as it may be to clean up after, there’s nothing like the magic of new-fallen snow. Your photos capture it’s majesty beautifully. Happy New YEar to you too.

  18. So happy that you posted your amazing shots…the branch with snowballs in it, looks much like cotton plants here in the south, with the cotton fluff bursts forth. Love the macro closeups. The red berries, great holiday card. Thank you for taking the time to bundle up and go outside into the winter wonderland to share with us. happy snowball making….

  19. Absolutely gorgeous snowscapes!

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