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Scene & Story: December 2016



There she stands, that little squirrel, poised and ready to leap. Focused, concentrated, intent upon her destination, the next branch, the next tasty bud. I wonder if she enjoys the leap, that brief moment of flying through the air. I wonder if her tiny heart beats a little faster in anticipation of the launch.

I’d like to be as focused on my next move and as sure of my goals as this little creature, but human lives tend to be more complicated. What do I want to accomplish this year? What do I want to learn, do, create? What do I want to be? To become?

I ponder these questions as I stand poised on the edge of the unknown, at the start of a new year, another new beginning. My heart beats faster in anticipation of the launch. And I hope for moments that will feel like flying.

* * * * *

It’s official, we have a linkup!
You can find it at Sarah’s Paisley Rain Boots blog.

**Scene & Story is a collaborative effort between myself and Sarah of Paisley Rain Boots. We encourage you to share a favorite photo from the previous month along with a short story or description and link up your blog or Flickr photo. Please remember to visit the other story sharers and leave a little love everywhere you visit.

28 thoughts on “Scene & Story: December 2016

  1. This is the perfect photo and capture of how you feel heading into another year filled with the unexpected.

  2. I adore squirrels. Great advocates for mindfulness and living in the moment!

  3. Oh Leon, I have no doubt you will not only have moments that feel like flying ~ you will have moments that confirm soaring! It is the anticipation of the unknown that is so difficult! I love your nature metaphors! I look at the same squirrel and imagine myself losing my balance and going splat on the ground. I think my spirit animal needs to be something more sure footed and grounded. I love this idea!

  4. What I love most about this photograph and story – the tone of confident expectation for what lies ahead. Such a beautiful start to my week . . . a sense of wonder and curiosity. Thank you for collaborating with Sarah to create the Link-up!

  5. I love watching squirrels – their determination and perseverance. They seem to have a single-mindedness in reaching their goal. I’ve never made the connection with my own life and goals, though. I really enjoyed this – what a perfect way to express your thoughts on the new year – and the perfect shot to do it with!

  6. I love the light on her belly, Leon. Fabulous shot and composition!

  7. Hoping for moments that feel like flying… yes!

    Amazing how we can learn valuable little lessons from something as ordinary as an image of a squirrel. Keeping our eyes and hearts open to the mystery of it all.

    Here’s to this new year and all the hopes and challenges it will bring!

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  9. Beautifully written and photographed. I love how you talk about your heart beating a little faster…I love that feeling of excitement and anticipation and openness…

  10. This is such a wonderful analogy, and so beautifully written, Lee.
    May 2017 bring you only the most wonderful things.

  11. This is really beautifully written- I feel a bit the same every new year. There always seems to be expectations of new things but often it’s just the same old stuff. Hope you do fly this year!

  12. I love the spirit of this piece. The squirrel really is all the hope and anticipation of a new journey.

  13. What a well thought out metaphor. It really brings home the point of your thoughts and emotions. At our home, no squirrels are jumping as the branches are coated with heavy ice that gleams like crystal in the sun. Absolutely stunning. Your squirrel would need a parachute ! You will work out all of your written intentions. May 2017 be very kind to you. smiles: sharon

  14. Somehow my comments are in wrong place. Nevertheless, your project to post a photo a day/calendar is awesome. What a lot of work. So productive. Really shows where you have been and been interested in. Loved the I Voted picture. We should al have one of those. Anyway, sorry for mix up. I also try to link back to you when you post to my blog…like the marshmallow one…but I don’t think it goes through. Blogspot can drive me nuts at time. At least nuts are healthier than marshmallow???!!!! smiles; sharon

  15. I, too, look forward to what this new year will hold. A new, 1st, grand baby to hold is one of them!!

  16. Beautiful story of your furry friend….You have gleaned so many lessons while watching and photographing him as he lives his life. So much to learn if we keep our eyes open as you have done….I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures of 2017….

  17. I definitely see the anticipation in this little guy and you captured him so amazingly!! Wishing you the best adventures this year. I know you’ll be flying at times!

  18. Oh my! We have a back yard full of very entertaining squirrells! Love this shot and what your heart is expressing. I look forward to getting to know you better through this link up (YAY!! LOVE IT!!) and through following you. I’m in Salem, NH – always love feeling connected to New England bloggers!!

  19. That little guy does seem to be deep in thought, planning his next move. Wishing you the best for 2017!

  20. A sweet squirrel story and how you compare it to your own thoughts about the events in your life during this new year!

  21. A perfect photo and words for the beginning of a new year. I wish you all the best for 2017, Lee.

  22. A great image to emphasise your words Leon. I think we are all feeling that 2017 could be a year to launch, and maybe take a leap like the little fellow in your photo..

  23. Love this, squirrels at the moment are on my naughty list as one decided to play inside our house!

  24. I absolutely love watching squirrels! A very nice capture of this one! I don’t have a telephoto lens so look with a little envy. This will be a fun link up. Thanks for cohosting.

  25. Very cohesive photo and words! I wish you much joy in 2017 as you find your path through discovery and enjoyment! It’s the first year I’ve “known” what direction I’m heading without feeling like I’m lost, or just following the crowd.

  26. I like what you and Sarah are doing. I also look forward to joining in on the fun. Thanks!! Happy New Year!

  27. Happy 2017
    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  28. so I have been thinking of this scene and story link up and how I want to join and after reading your story with the picture of your squirrel I feel my heart beating like that and wondering how to take the leap and give myself the confidence I need to just JUMP……I think your courage speaks through all the beautiful words and grabs my faith. Thank you

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