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A Winter Album


Last Tuesday evening, the weather forecaster told us we could expect perhaps an inch of snow overnight. It only took a quick peek out the window Wednesday morning to see he’d been a bit off the mark. The world had been rendered in black and white.

from my window

Six inches of lovely, wet snow fell during the night and continued softly all the next day, settling delicately on every branch and twig. I kept going out to see what new delights I could discover.

picnic is cancelledNo Picnic Today

snowy arcsArcs



treeTree at the River’s Edge


bridge from upstreamSecret

Everyone photographs this covered footbridge from the other side — the street side. But this is my favorite view, hidden away behind my building and challenging to reach.

solitary firSentinel Fir

The little island, Jubilee Park, is locked up and inaccessible during the winter, but I still enjoy looking into it from the sidewalk and taking photographs of the trees, water, and changing weather conditions.

reflectionsWinter Reflection

mallardsResident Mallards

Apparently they missed the memo about flying south for the winter.

lamppostLamp Post


island ducksIsland’s End

fence-bridgeThe Street Side


snowy branchesBowing Low

hiding placeHiding Place



warming upHome Again

Time to thaw out my fingers with a cup of tea, snuggle under a warm throw, and spend some time with a favorite book. Thanks for coming along to play in the snow with me!


20 thoughts on “A Winter Album

  1. It was a great storm for photos.

  2. What a beautiful snow!! Each one of your photos delighted me!! I love the way wet snow piles up on everything from branches to fences! Oh, and I love the covered bridge!

  3. Such beautiful images. I’d look at one and think it was my favorite…until I saw the next one. I’ve concluded they are all a favorite. AND – I never knew a link fence could look so lovely.

  4. Leon, I so love your photography! Every shot masterfully done. You’re an inspiration for going out and capturing the winter landscape. I love the black and white feel and the contrast of the red brick just might be my favorite. Well done!

  5. Love them all, but I especially like “Framed” and the Reflections. Thank you for going out and getting cold and wet so I can enjoy the artistic aspect of the storm instead of just walking dogs and hoping they hurry up!!!

  6. Leon, you have such a natural beautiful way with your words to match every gorgeous photo. I love all the photos but I think my most favorite is the one with the red berries peeking out, startling. Love.

  7. What wonderful shots of all your fresh snow! I love the one with red berries and the snow-laden lamp-post! Now I want it to snow here again – even though I live in the town, there are trees around, luckily! The park is a good place to go!

  8. Now that was some inch of snow! So gorgeous…. we get snow here around once every 5 years or so, and it’s just a brief flurry. Those pictures are all so beautiful. I think I like the one with the lamp post the best (I have a thing for lamp posts due to Narnia, I think!).

  9. Fresh snow – nothing like it. Beautiful captures. I agree about the other view of the bridge, it seems so much more intimate from that angle.

  10. This was fun to read. I was surprised by how much the titles helped me see what you saw.

  11. I hate the fact of snow – the need to move it out of the way, the where to put it when you do. But I love the way new snow looks. And I agree with you about the covered bridge. The “secret” side is so much lovelier (as well as comforting) than the street side.

  12. These are all so beautiful, Lee, but oh my goodness, that covered bridge!
    I just love these, and this one is a true beauty.
    We are in for a major storm later this afternoon, through tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to the snow, but definitely not the ice and the 50mph winds that are predicted.
    Oh well, this IS NY, and it still IS winter! 🙂
    Happy day to you, my friend.

  13. The captures of your winter wonderland are gorgeous and would make a beautiful book…..So glad you braved the cold to share with us….

  14. Oh my – so pretty! I love the reflections and covered bridge – the black and white scenery with just little splashes of color (like the bittersweet) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen chain link look so pretty. What a wonderful walk!

  15. I love your photos!!! And your words are …so soft. You have created a wonderful atmosphere. I feel a child in Wonderland!!

  16. I just figured out again how to comment. These photos are beautiful. Love the new view of the bridge….

  17. Your beautiful photos are challenging me to see snow in a bright new light … even tho I’m getting slightly tired of winter 😉 I do love a good snow (or rain!)

  18. Leon, these are wonderful shots! One word describing the scene is used very well. Love the snow and love your photos!

  19. I feel like i could dive in to those photos -it is so hot & humid in Sydney today x

  20. Gorgeous winter photos. Winter at its best and you captured it wonderfully in these images.

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