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Scene & Story: January 2017


river ripplesRenewal

It’s not much of a scene. Not much of a story, either, really. My heart hurts more with every day that passes. I need to stay informed, to push back against the tide of hate and anger and fear that seems to be rising all around. How to do that without becoming overwhelmed with anger and hate myself? Or simply drowning in the sorrow of it all?

So I run away, to sit on a granite block at the river’s edge until I’m numb with cold, until I stop thinking, until the flowing water instills a bit of peace within me again. The water that began as raindrops falling on a forest in the mountains many miles away, and that will reach the ocean in just a few miles more. In the ocean it will mix with waters from other mountains, other forests, other rivers. Eventually it will return to the sky, to clouds that will rain down again on still other mountains and forests, forming other rivers. Giving life to other people in other places.

Somehow it comforts me to remember this endless cycle, to watch the river flowing by, its dark waters reflecting a clear blue sky as the lowering sun glints off the ripples. Is there a message here, a metaphor, a reassurance that goodness will ultimately prevail? I don’t know; I only know that it calms me, and a tiny seed of hope begins to grow again.

* * * * *

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24 thoughts on “Scene & Story: January 2017

  1. That is the perfect metaphor for what needs to happen in the world today. Water is always so calming and peaceful, no wonder so many of us want to escape to it.

  2. I love the metaphor of the water and renewal. I’m sorry that you’re hurting with all that has been happening in our country – you’re definitely not alone. It’s discouraging, the amount of anger and hate being met with more anger and hate – and that doesn’t seem like the way to fix any problem. I am encouraged, though, by the large numbers of people taking a more active interest. We’ve become complacent over the years, thinking our government will take care of everything – forgetting that WE are the government, and we need to be the ones to take care of things. This may be the positive in all the negative – I’m hoping…

  3. A beautiful image of water reflections. I agree, water does feel like a renewal and is a good place to resource oneself when there is turmoil around us.

  4. A walk by the water always soothes my soul. I love the light shining off the water in your photograph. It reminds me that what the world need now is each of us to shine our light a little brighter..

  5. Nature, in this case water, can work miracles in calming us and giving us some sense of peace. You know that I share your thoughts and feelings, and so many do. I hope that the anger and hate will not find a way into our personal daily lives, but that we can live love, kindness and tolerance.
    Your image is a perfect reflection of your words. Thank you.

  6. First, I love that watery image. Second, if it helps…you’re not alone with your feelings.

  7. A truly wonderful and very timely analogy, Lee.
    It’s a tough time now, but truly what else do we have but hope?
    A beautiful Scene and Story, my friend.

  8. Water, any type of water soothes me. It can be a tiny trickle or a huge waterfall. I love the motion and sound. It mesmerizes me! I’ve been feeling discouraged and saddened by events and like you find myself gravitating toward nature to help me find peace.

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  10. Taking comfort in Nature…such a healing, calming place (though cold, I’m sure). I’m right there on that granite rock with you. Sending you hugs and peace.

  11. Perfect words for what’s happening in the world around us. Faith…will bring us through. visiting from Sarah’s

  12. I was totally mesmerized by your words today … thank you xo

  13. What is soft is strong — and water wears down rock. I am heartened by people in both our countries who are standing up to voice their profound caring for others, not hiding their desire to include and accept, rather than exclude and repel.

  14. First, I read this yesterday and had to come back to it later to comment because I was overcome with emotions. That water reminds me of a place I go in my mind for deep healing. In the visualization I hover above the water imagining all the difficult things I’m unable to process. Then, slowly and intentionally I let myself sink beneath that rippling surface. In doing so, I watch the hard things stay at the surface as I float away deeper into my true self. Inspiring post.

  15. I love this photo, & you write beautifully. x

  16. Oh it’s a beautiful image, and a needed to be heard story for me. I too am striving for calm and peace, and find myself searching for light where there is dark. Xx

  17. Goodness will always prevail.

  18. Our hearts and emotions are entwined with millions of others. We are not alone, though it may seem like it. I haven’t been doing any photography, as of late, but I am doing sketches and paintings: currently, it is of refugees, children, those who have nothing. It lets me put my energy into something positive. For 12 years I have been involved with Women for Women, an amazing non-profit organization that lets, we the people, sponsor and communicate with women where genocide and war reigns. These are the women that we don’t read about. I have sponsored two women a year, as their educational program lasts for one year. It is intensive training and education in those things they need to learn and know and do. it is a wonderful organization. I now have one women, age unknown, two little girls from Nigeria. The other woman is from Afghanistan and a photo of her can’t be supplied due to the danger.
    But I can write to them and send photos. (electronically) Usually twice a year, I receive a letter back from them. Of course it is dictated and translated. These are not women who can read and write. But they always express their love and appreciation for the help they receive and what they are learning. There is an extensive website. Somehow, this helps me keep my balance.
    But like you, it is totally inconceivable how quickly our country has changed. I do encourage writing to senators, etc. whether things change or not, we have to be heard. Once silenced, there is little hope. I did the Women’s March in Charlotte. It was just what I needed. It was all positive and up lifting. I will do it again in the future. So don’t give up. Keep up your writing and photography, focus on things that place you in a peaceful moment. I appreciate the courage it takes too place a post like this, it makes one vulnerable. There are a whole lot of women and men, who walk shoulder to shoulder with you. Much love. Sharon Feel free to delete this post if it makes you or your readers uncomfortable. My intent is not to cause conflict.

  19. Oh to have rushing water to soothe my soul. Keep on posting, girlfriend!

  20. There is always some soothing and calming about water when times otherwise are upsetting. So, yes, a great metaphor. And a lovely photo. Don’t give up! Light will return.

  21. I’m finding it hard in so many ways at the moment too. I find sanctuary in the smallest of beautiful moments. But, I have hope, and I know there are plenty of gentle and loving people in the world, even if they don’t shout as loudly as the brash, narcissistic and cruel. The tides can wear away rock, and we can keep steadily doing our good things. xx

  22. It’s so important to continue to seek out peace and beauty. I am privileged to be in a position to witness it daily, and I do need to celebrate it. I share your pain at the current conditions in our country, but I’m taking solace in becoming more of an activist.

  23. I so feel with you! Being just a tiny part of the huge web of nature and life is very comforting to me every day:)

  24. I also love the comfort of the water and often spend time looking a the river flowing by our cabin. i also love the stability of the earth which is so stable beneath the flowing water. Hoping there are better times to come

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