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Adventures in…Water


I grew up in a desert. As you might guess from the name of my blog, I have a “thing” for water, especially the ocean. When I was a girl, I dreamt of being a mermaid and half-believed it was true. Now that I can choose for myself, I live with water all around me. There’s a river right behind my apartment building, and the Atlantic Ocean is just a ten minute drive away.

So, when “water” came up as a topic in our Adventures in Seeing group, I knew I couldn’t just post one or two photos and feel satisfied. And so I set off to photograph water, on a day that began with rain and ended with fog.

Rainy Morning


Peaceful Landing


Rock, Ocean, Sky

Shore Lines

Then home again, to my river:


Total Immersion


If I did have to choose just one image of the day’s shooting to express the essential humility and grace of water, it would be this, my favorite photo of the day:

This one has no name.



21 thoughts on “Adventures in…Water

  1. These are beautiful images. We live next to a wetland. I’m looking forward to spring views. I could never pick a favorite from yours….💕

  2. These are beautiful! I don’t think I could choose a favorite- each time that I thought I had, I loved the next photo too! I love the peaceful feeling I get from them.

  3. All so lovely! I love water too!!!

  4. These are gorgeous! You’ve definitely shown the essence of water. I would never be able to pick a favorite! I have a “thing” for water, too! I’m a long way from the ocean, so the creeks, rivers, and lakes have to fulfill my need!

  5. Love these different moods and feelings from water! My favorite is the abstractness of the first photo. I love the sharpness and reflection of the droplets on the window. Then I move to #2 and I love the reflections in the water… I could move right on down the row. Love your foggy river also. Okay, love them all!

  6. It’s so good to see your water fotos. I’m I grew up close to the ocean and live in the desert now. I really miss the moisture:)

  7. This is such a marvellous post, Leon. I can just FEEL your affinity to water in these amazing shots. I could look at them for a long time. How wonderful to be so close to the ocean.

  8. Wonderful water images. I feel very connected to water as well and love being near it! My favourite shot above is the last one without a name!

  9. All are absolutely fabulous. That one of the boat, is frame worthy. Even if you hang it on the wall, you could take it with you 😉 Of course, the fog…

  10. Beautiful, my favourites are the foggy ones

  11. These images all made me breathe a little more deeply. These are gorgeous.

  12. These are wonderful, Lee, and how fortunate you are to live so close to the ocean.
    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  13. Love Love Love. And gorgeous pics.

  14. You’ve found beautiful variations of water to photograph! I love the foggy photos, and the ocean is beautifully peaceful! Enjoy your weekend Leon!

  15. Each photo is exquisite, and I can understand why the last one is your favorite.
    There is something about water that is irresistible. It gives life and it also takes life. It can be calming and peaceful, or roaring and wild. It’s always different. And it never stops to amaze me.

  16. I also love the ‘no name’ photo. It just makes me feel happy. The same sort of feeling I got when I watched Flipper (the dolphin) dancing on the water.

  17. I could not think of living far away from waters. Something soothing and life giving with water. You captured some beautiful photos of water in different shapes and forms.

  18. Such a lovely experience, to photograph for an entire day. From rain washed windows to silky mist, a beautiful experience. I found Snow Melt quite intriguing; the beautiful reflections in puddling water, the once pristine snow now coated in debris…much to see and think upon.

  19. I love water too, these are beautiful- I really like those reflections in snow melt…

  20. I love your adventures in seeing León … and it’s inspiring to learn that despite growing up in the desert, you now live near to what you love … water water water … and such beautiful water.

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