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Scene & Story: March 2017


Still Waiting

I didn’t take a lot of photos in March. The weather wasn’t very conducive to taking photo walks — it was actually worse overall than January and February. The photo above was taken on the official first day of spring, during a break in a series of snowstorms.

March, for me, is the month of waiting. Spring doesn’t really come to Maine in March, no matter what the calendar says about the Spring Equinox. It’s not unusual to have cold weather and new snow even into early April. I love the snow and the stark beauty of bare branches in winter. But by the end of March, I’m more than ready for Spring to show her pretty face!

Last year, I took a photo of myself on April 1, standing by the open gate at the entrance to this covered footbridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and I was grinning with delight because the park had been opened for the first time since the previous November. Inside the park, the grass was greening up and bulbs and perennials were already sprouting.

This year . . . it’s going to be a while before that gate gets unlocked. As I write this, it’s April 1 again — about 9 p.m. — and I haven’t even been out of the house today. Snow began falling about dinnertime yesterday, and by this morning the world was rendered in black and white again. We’ve got about 10 inches and it’s still falling lightly.

So I’m still waiting. Waiting for the ground to thaw, the rain to fall, the grass and leaves and flowers to grow. I’m eager to go outside without a coat, scarf, and gloves. I’m hungry for the smell of spring, and most of all, for color!

And I’m waiting for my little park to be open again. I’m sure it won’t be long!

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19 thoughts on “Scene & Story: March 2017

  1. I love this covered bridge! It reminds me of Lancaster County, PA and the Amish country near where I was raised. I can almost hear the clopping of the horse hooves and buggies on the road, and as they cross the bridge.

    The pups and I just came back from our morning walk. As you know, I had the same 10″ yesterday. I was grateful for the blue sky and sun this morning. The birds were madly chirping and we saw no less than 6 robins fluttering around. I was pondering the message contained in the back to back messages from Mother Nature. I want it to be hopeful of spring, yet we have more snow scheduled for Tuesday. Yikes!!

  2. This is just a beautiful footbridge! How lucky you are to live near this, and hoping that the weather warms a bit really soon. I am in Texas and it is full spring here probably for the last month. I love the beauty of snow too, but Spring is definitely due for you! Happy April!

  3. I’m a sucker for covered bridges. Love them. The ground has thawed here in Wisconsin….that’s about it. Buds are close to popping and I can hear birds….spring is right around the corner!

  4. It’s such a gorgeous bridge! It’s heading into the colder weather over here. The trees are dropping their leaves, and the landscape looks bare. I like Autumn, but I’m kind of dreading Winter this year, and I think we’re in for a long one.

  5. I’m hungry for fish sandwiches and ice cream! Hurry up already, spring! 🙂

  6. What a beautiful capture – I can feel the crisp, clean air and the warmth of the sun! Winter in Michigan is much the same as Maine, but this year we’ve actually had less snow and a whole LOT of rain. But it’s still bare & brown in these parts & like you, I can’t wait for the green to start popping!

  7. Maine has had so much snow this year, unbelievable when we have had so little here in Michigan. But I do agree that March was tough. Gray, dreary, and rainy here. We were spoiled after a fabulous February.

  8. Ah, the waiting. I can feel your patience and eagerness in the photo, even without the description. We are well into spring this much further south. I wish we could trade perspectives for a little while. I’m already missing the winter that never seemed to settle in here, this year. I was at the park with my son this morning and took a picture like yours but with the budding trees and a footbridge in the reverse perspective. Our photos are a reflection of each other!

  9. I hope for you that the gate will be unlocked soon and you can cross this beautiful bridge again and enter the park. I can understand your feelings about being more than ready for spring, they remind me so much of my “former” life and I haven’t forgotten. It makes me the more grateful for where I’m living now.

  10. I hope it will be soon too, Lee. Even though just 2 weeks ago, we were inundated with snow, we’ve had a lot of rain, and most of it is gone now. We got a couple of inches yesterday, but the sunshine today took care of that. It seems like it’s been a long wait for spring, but I just know it will be here soon, and I hope it is there for you soon also.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend! xo.

  11. While you have been digging out from snow I have been doing a “rain dance” and praying for moisture! At last we have had some rain, and hope that it will be steady…not too much too fast. But some things are just out of our control, aren’t they?

    I hope that you will soon have more pleasant days and more opportunity to get out and take photos. I always enjoy viewing/reading your posts.

  12. I’m enjoying our springtime while it’s here. As you may recall from your California years, spring here is short lived. Summer comes crashing in quickly in these parts. Usually well before the calendars marks the start of summer and it stays long after the official start of fall. And it get very hot! I am not a fan of our long hot summers. Love your covered bridge and I’m looking forward to seeing in the springtime too.

  13. Even though it isn’t quite Spring in Maine you did a great job in capturing the beautiful blue, pale yellow reminiscent of Spring. I hope it comes soon to you.

  14. That wonderful limpid blue sky certainly speaks of spring to me and the water below the covered bridge is not frozen! Some years we just have to be a little more patient than others for spring flowers to grace the earth with their colourful beauty! When the spring growth really starts you will be overjoyed and appreciate it so much more than if you had an early spring!

  15. I love this pretty covered bridge and of course, I’m a fan of the snow! But, I am wishing for you bright skies and warmer temperatures to get spring going in your area!! Our spring came in as hot and stormy. The spring flowers have struggled to put on a pretty show, but the beauty is there if not a little battered!

  16. It seems like waiting for spring has been the case for many around the world. Certainly I have had a longer than usual winter. That is until now, when I arrived in Seattle a week ago. Springs is well underway here. Hope you’ll soon experience spring, too. However, in the mean time you did capture a lovely winterly/springlike photo. 🙂

  17. I managed to avoid March this year, but I would have been waiting with you. Well I guess I still am now. Hang on, it will happen. That is a great covered bridge. They are treasures. We have a very special one around here too. I always mean to get a picture of it — I really must soon.

  18. March is a tough month in northern New England – my least favorite month of the year. But – experience tells me Spring will get here – eventually. I do love your photo of the covered bridge! I guess we have to suffer months like March for charming scenery such as this. I’m with you, looking forward to getting out more!

  19. Leon I would love to send you some of the spring weather from Indiana. It’s been a rare year as we’ve had less than a total of 10″ of snow all winter, although it rained, and kept things from drying out. The downside is that the unpredictable warm and cold fluctuation has ruined several blooming trees. Yesterday on my walk to shoot some daffodils I noticed the pink magnolia tree has black dead buds that never opened, and today I believe my own little dogwood buds are also ruined. Other flowers are blooming, but many flowering trees are not. I hope your snow melts in a hurry, and warm spring fresh air will welcome you to an outdoors day without coat, hat, and gloves, and some spring flowers blooming!

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