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Scene & Story: May 2017


This was my May:

May has been such a grey, wet month this year that a Bangor Daily News blogger wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about it. The headline read:

‘Great Fiery Orb’ seen over Maine on Tuesday identified.

April showers bring May flowers, as the old saying goes, but when May just brings more rain day after day, it can be a little hard to remain bright and cheerful.

But . . . this was also my May:

In between the rains, there have been days of warm sunshine, soft breezes, and bird song. Spring bulbs, trees, and shrubs have exploded into bloom, their sweet fragrance filling the air and fallen petals carpeting the ground with bright color. And everywhere the new green leaves are growing, screening views and hiding nesting birds from prying eyes.

This May, I have thought to myself that perhaps spring has become my favorite season now. As long as I can remember, I have loved fall best. But this year the renewal of life after the cold, dark winter seems especially meaningful and precious to me in ways I can’t put into words.

So I can’t choose just one photograph for Scene & Story this month, because I need to tell both sides of the story. The dark, gloomy, wet days and the bright, sweet, flowering days are both essential to paint the scene. Each makes me grateful for the other, and I love them both in their turn.

* * * * *

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21 thoughts on “Scene & Story: May 2017

  1. Wonderful shots and wonderful story, Leon. And it’s so true!

  2. I love that first picture you chose. It’s so wonderfully expressive. It sounds as if your April showers have come in May this year! It’s been a little back to front here as well and activities have had to been postponed or changed.
    I’m so glad you got your May flowers in the end!

  3. I love both your pictures and your sentiment. I’ve always said fall was my favorite, but with my eyes open, spring has been extra special for me this year.

  4. It seems that the weather is crazy everywhere this year, even here in CA. However, our May was quite nice, certainly not that amount of rain, but also not as warm as it usually is. I love your photo of the lilac – it is so soft and tender and I imagine the beautiful scent from this old fashioned favorites. I do think lilacs do much better in your climate than in ours.

  5. Such a perfect contrast between the two. If we didn’t have one we would never know the joy of the other.

  6. Oh – I do love those lilacs! If it wasn’t for lilacs and lily of the valley, I wouldn’t be very fond of May. Since living in New England, I usually think to myself- April showers bring May showers and so on…. but once the flowers and warm weather finally arrive I this – yes! This is why I live here!

  7. Leon I love those photos, and especially the one of the lilacs. That is such a beautiful flowers and when I was growing up, we had huge bushes in our back yard that were filled with them and ohhhhh, the scent of spring. We are leaving for our trip in 2 days and will be going first to mackinac island for their lilac festival. Spring is a wonderful time of newness, and guess the rain really helps the beauty along. ( especially good though if it doesn’t always occur on your days off of work) lol

  8. Love the images

  9. Love both of those images, but I can just imagine the scent coming from the second one…. ahhhhh. We’ve just started Winter over here, and the last couple of days have been freezing with a pretty high wind chill factor! I’m looking forward to Spring already!!

  10. Beautiful photos of your May! Our spring has been especially we this year, too! That is a blessing as now everything is so lush and green!

  11. The lilacs make it all worth it! The newspaper made me laugh….the sun hid for quite awhile here too!

  12. I love both pics–gorgeous!

  13. May 2015 and May 2016 were very wet for us. Thankfully, there was no significant flooding here this May. I’m glad that you had bright spots – and flowers! – during all the rain. Those are beautiful flowers. What kind are they? I love the rain shot, too. 🙂
    Have a blessed day!

  14. Goodness, isn’t that the truth, we need both sides to tell the story and to appreciate it all. We had a cold spring, but it was followed by about two weeks of perfect weather. Now, hot!

  15. It’s been very wet and gray here in NY also, Lee.
    I had planted tomato plants a few weeks ago, and I just had to replace them because the overabundance of wet killed them.
    HOWEVER, over the past week or so things have changed, and it’s been just gorgeous.
    The photograph of your lilac is pure magic. I love the softness and color.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  16. I think what I love about spring is that it’s so unpredictable, sometimes cold and gray and sometimes bright and warm. Thus I also like both your photographs that shows the two side of spring. Lovely captures.

  17. Love these photos- particularly the rings of water- wet & rainy but so pretty x

  18. Especially love the water image!

  19. Yes spring is the time for eating outdoors, planting, marveling at nature: which can be totally unpredictable. But the temperatures are manageable, the air fresh, energy lifted. We now are in July and there is no more eating outside, plants are limping along, birds are thirsty, we walk in the shade….yes summer sun and intense heat have arrived in the south. Lovely photos.

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