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Autumn Musings and Summer Reflections


October Marsh

Well, I can no longer kid myself that there’s anything of summer left. October is definitely autumn, though it feels like fall has been slow to really take over. For the most part the weather has been quite warm and mostly clear. The leaves are slow to change color this year, and many trees seem to be letting go of their leaves without the usual spectacular display first.

Autumn Solitude

Today really does feel like fall, though. The morning was overcast and there’s been some rain, and I can see a few colorful branches among the green ones outside my window. A light wind is fluttering the leaves in the trees and scattering them like confetti on the ground.

Dawn Beach Patrol

With the new season I’m thinking about my blog again. It’s been a year since Sarah and I started our monthly Scene & Story posts, and since May that has been the only post I’ve published each month. Last year in September, I took Susannah Conway’s Blogging From the Heart course, thinking it would revitalize my blog. That didn’t exactly happen, but I still have hope — and tomorrow’s another day!

Noontime “Crowds” and Clouds

Today I looked through WordPress’s blog templates, thinking perhaps I’d select a new one to change things up a bit. While there, I learned that mine has been “retired.” I also learned that there’s none I like better, so I’ll be keeping it as long as they will let me! It’s clean and simple and it suits me. I can always change my header photo for a new look now and then (and in fact I just did).

Evening Falls

I have ideas for posts and a mass of photos to sort through! Though I haven’t been blogging much, I have been taking photographs nearly every day, mostly with my phone. I love my iPhone for its convenience, spontaneity, and ease of sharing. Lately I’m feeling drawn back to my Nikon for its creative control and photo quality, but now I almost have to learn how to use it all over again. I think that “A Year With My Camera” may be 2018’s project.

Lone Leaf

The photos in this post are a random sampling from summer and early fall. I am so glad to be able live in this amazing place.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

13 thoughts on “Autumn Musings and Summer Reflections

  1. I get in a terrible rut about changing my header photo, yours is perfect. That photo with the red leaf and the sun ray, divine! The world needs to see more of your photography and hear your thoughts. Hottish here again this weekend, I am ready for fleece jackets and my paisley rain boots 🙂

  2. Wow….so many of the same thoughts I have. And it took me awhile to realize that I can blog whenever…..not to put too many expectations on my frequency. Like you, I have found the iPhone convenient for somethings and not as good for others. You always have a wonderful eye for photography. A bigger camera let’s us celebrate that in more ways, they are just heavy and more cumbersome. I can’t carry nine very well now and I often leave the lens I “want” at home. I can’t deny fall is here too..your photos help me realize the beauty.

  3. Autumn Solitude is drop dead gorgeous! I also love the Dawn Beach Patrol. I would love the return of your blog ~ as long as it doesn’t take anything away from the photography you are already doing. I had switched to an all auto camera due to my tremors. Now that I can hold a camera still again, I am craving something more challenging ~ but I’m not sure I want to go back to a film camera. But right now, I’ve committed myself to writing.

  4. Beautiful pictures. My favourite is the one with the birds on the sand – such great reflections and colour

  5. It’s so lovely to see a blog moving again, Lee. I have become saddened by the number of blogs that have dwindled and disappeared. I think some bloggers just get bored and others whisk themselves off to fashionable Instagram and facebook!

    I have so enjoyed looking at all these beautiful photographs and love them all for different reasons, with a soft spot for the Dawn Beach Patrol and the blues in Evening Falls. Great leaf captures too!

    Looking forward to future postings from you!

  6. First of all, I love your new header! I know you’re glad you live where you do! I’m glad you live there, too, so you can share all these gorgeous photos with me! Love the little bits of fall color showing. There’s not much color here yet and it’s still super hot! I’ve not been blogging much either. I have plenty of pictures. It’s just seems hard right now to sit down and start a post! I’m hoping to do better! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photos.

  7. What a lovely post, and such beautiful photographs, Lee!
    I can so identify with having so many photos to look through. I don’t worry too much about posting. I just do it when the mood strikes. Sometimes it’s often, and sometimes there are very long periods between posts. Back a few years ago, it just started feeling too much like a “job.” Since realizing this, and deciding to post “whenever” it is so much more enjoyable for me. Of course, this means that I will probably be posting summer photos this winter, but….
    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend!

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE your header photograph!!

  8. Wow – this post really resonates with me! My blog is all but dead – I really need some new inspiration – new ideas – new blog? – new something… I love your photos, and the way you look at things. Your header photo gives the perfect look to your page!

  9. It’s a surprising and welcome sight to see also a different post here than your scene & story contribution, so many beautiful photos! 🙂 I love them all but the birds are my favourite.
    Bloggers are coming and leaving, taking breaks and starting again, I think that it’s important to decide what it is that you want to pursue or express with your blog… You can build on that knowledge.

  10. A lovely warm hearted post…being honest with oneself and “going with the flow”. I’m not one to pressure myself to post if I have nothing to share, which are mostly photos, since I’m not a writer of any sort. The interaction with friends is the best part of sharing on a blog…friends stopping by at all times of the day or night to say hello. Kind of like friendly neighbors. I love your new header…it’s refreshing to give a new look to an old space. I’m happy you’re keeping yours going, whenever the mood is right. Our Autumn colors are much different here in the midwest this year. More like fading away, and are lighter in color.

  11. As I read through your many comments, I think a common thread runs through most of them, and that would include mine. I marvel at those who keep blogs going for years and years…but mostly they are monetary, some form of compensation. Yours is not, nor is mine. Hence goes a large incentive to keep posting. It really is a challenge to keep at it on a regular basis. But something switches and it no longer seems as relevant as it once was. At least that is my story. But the great thing is that you are still taking daily photographs…that is so important. I hope you can keep it up. Today’s photographic journey shows us your beautiful area and those things that resonate with who you are. Lovely and serene. Just post when you are truly inspired to do so. You will always be welcome in my “inbox.” smiles: sharon

  12. Autumn is inevitable here (at least in the Northern hemisphere). It’s a beautiful season in my mind – at least speaking as a photographer. These images of late summer and early autumn are wonderful. I look forward to see what you will capture of the autumn.

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