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Happy Holidays!

Finally! Christmas snow . . . .

Winter Blues

Okay, I admit it, I pulled this from my archives. We did get a snow shower earlier this week, but it only lasted a short while before changing over to rain. I’m not really complaining. Snow is pretty, but I prefer precipitation that doesn’t need to be shoveled off the driveway.

I’ll be spending Christmas Day with my daughter and her significant other and their feathered and furred family.  They live in a very old house with a real, working fireplace, which is my idea of heaven. There will be presents under the tree to be opened in our pajamas, and stockings full of goodies, because we are all still just big kids on Christmas.

There will be good food, and probably a nap in front of the fire. There will be hugs and laughter, and phone conversations with loved ones who live far away. And there will be reminiscences about Christmasses past and other loved ones who are no longer with us. More laughter, and maybe a secret tear or two.

I’m grateful for all of you, my new friends and fellow members of this remarkable blogging community. Wherever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or Chanukah or some other holiday as the seasons turn, I wish you peace, health, and happiness now and in the New Year to come.

God bless us, every one.