Sea Blue Lens



Last Saturday morning I had the privilege of getting together with a fellow blogger and student of Kat Sloma’s wonderful Find Your Eye photography e-courses. With participants in the class from across the United States and across the world, I got so lucky as to find one practically across the street. Well, OK, not quite that close. But only a few minutes away.

So before the crack of dawn last Saturday, and before the sky clouded up to deliver the infamous October snow, I drove to a spot by the ocean to meet up with Susan of Happy No Ears fame. Turns out she is just as fun and funny as you would guess from reading her blog. She’s also very persuasive, because leaving the house when it’s still dark on a Saturday morning is not a normal part of my weekend routine. Now I can see I may have to change that.

The morning was chilly but beautiful and I found myself wide awake and excited as we headed for the beach, cameras in hand. We photographed the sunrise over the ocean, and as the sun rose higher, went into the village center to see what else we could find bathed in that lovely morning light.

Sunrise Silhouette

Morning Twilight


Sun Gilt


Quiet Morning

Stone Fence

Two by Two

Porch Light

Who, Me?

A couple of hours flew by — at least I think it was a couple of hours; I lost track of time. Tired and hungry, we adjourned to a local cafe that, as it turned out, is a favorite breakfast spot of both of ours. There we discussed such deep subjects as cameras, photography, the meaning of life . . . well, maybe not that last one so much, though actually we might have touched on it.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Like so many of us, I normally pursue my photography alone, and it was a rare treat to be able to share it with a kindred spirit. Thanks, Susan! I’m looking forward to next time.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve uploaded these images and others from this photo shoot to Flickr.