Sea Blue Lens


Being My Own Inspiration

Taking flight

Lesson two in our Find Your Eye class was to start an “inspiration file.” This is meant to consist of 15 to 20 of my own favorite photographs, the ones that speak to me and that I love to look at. Well, that shouldn’t be so hard.

Well, except that sometimes I make things harder on myself. Before I can pick my favorite/best photos, I must compulsively organize ALL of my photos. I know, I know. But actually, it helped with the exercise, because I scanned through hundreds thousands of pictures very quickly, not letting myself obsess (too much) over any particular one.

It was the 15-to-20 photos part that turned out to be the hardest. I ended up with a few over 50, and had to leave out a lot of others that I really love to get it reduced that far.

Bluebird of Happiness Times Four

What I ended up with is a folder of photographs that surprised me. It makes me happy when I look at each one, and even happier when I see them all grouped together. You see, I’ve never been very impressed with my own abilities as a photographer. But seeing all of my favorites at one glance, I realize I really do like them. A lot.

They are not all brilliant, or technically perfect, but each one has something about it that I love. Some are out of focus, or a bit crooked, but I left them in because they give me ideas. I want to remember to try that shot again, and get it better next time.

Fuzzy duck…but oh, look at that green!

These, my own pictures…they do inspire me, and I think that was the point of the lesson. I’m grateful to have learned it.