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A Whole Lotta Catching Up . . . Again

I’m not sure how it is that I get all caught up in my Be Still class homework, then turn around a moment later and find I’m six weeks or so behind again. So here we go — again.


DSC_7862-2Where the Heart Is

Assignment: A vignette with something substantial and tallish, using pieces I love.¬† I do love these particular treasures. The old tin pitcher came from the barn of the house I lived in last winter. It was headed for the dump when I rescued it. The heart rocks I found on the beach, the cardinal’s nest came from a shrub in my daughter’s front yard, and the book (which I’ve wanted forever) was a surprise gift last summer from my lovely friend Becs of Catching Sundust.

DSC_7854Love Nest

Three Things, Part 1


Assignment: A chair, a window, and backlight (with or without any additional props). These hydrangeas were a pale cream-to-pink when they were freshly cut. I was amazed when they dried to this gorgeous purple.


Most of my favorite images from the shoot didn’t actually include the window.

DSC_7917Pure Pleasure

I tried several setups using different objects and even different chairs. The day was overcast, and in this shot the light seems much less directional, even though the window was directly behind the chair.

DSC_7876Bowl of Apples

Same chair as the first, different props, different mood.

Three Things, Part 2


Same assignment as before, but with sidelight instead of backlight. I had some trouble with this one. Low chair + high window = NO light. Finally I tried raising the chair up by sitting it on a large plastic storage bin.

IMG_6560Nana’s Wren

That worked, and I was really happy with the pretty light shining through the leaves. This little bird was a birthday gift from a dear friend, and is all the more precious to me because it was her grandmother’s. I feel honored to have it entrusted to my care and keeping.

IMG_6568Lady Lavender

This is the plant that grew from the lavender seeds I was given for Christmas a year ago. They were slow to germinate, slow to grow, have never bloomed, and look like no lavender plants I’ve ever seen before. But the leaves themselves have that wonderful lavender scent and I touch them to release the fragrance whenever I walk by.

One of the things I am really enjoying about this still life class is the way each “prop” brings its story back into my mind: memories of where and when I got it, who was with me, what was happening in my life at that time, what has happened since that concerned that object. It’s fun to look at things anew and put them together in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

More to come . . . .


Nearing the Finish Line

This is the next-to-last month of the {In the Picture} project for 2012. Our theme for November was “I am thankful.” The image below is one of those that is worth the proverbial thousand words.

Picture of Contentment

Picture of Contentment

I know how very fortunate I am, and I truly am thankful for all the riches in my life. They’re not monetary riches. But I have enough for my needs, as well as a beautiful home, friends and family who love me, an abundance of interests to pursue, and the health to be able to enjoy all of these things.

This is my first fire of the season, and, in fact, my first fire in my very own fireplace . . . which is the fulfillment of a dream. I experimented with adding a couple of Kim Klassen’s textures to this image. The effect is pretty subtle, but it does make a difference, and it was fun to play with.

I’m also thankful for Christy at Urban Muser for hosting this self-portrait project all year. I had really wanted to do one for myself, but I know I would have fallen by the wayside long ago if it hadn’t been for this monthly linkup. It’s been a challenging and fun instrument of growth in my life. Thanks, Christy!

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