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Photo-Heart Connection: July

In Her Dreams

A few days ago, I noticed this little garden fairy in a tree in my sister’s special memorial garden. I loved the light she was sitting in, and the way the branches framed the mountains and valley behind her.

When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time sitting in trees. It was a good place to be alone, above it all, to think and dream and make wishes. This little figure reminded me of my old love for tree-sitting solitude, but she also speaks to me about myself and my life right now.

No, I don’t climb trees anymore. But she looks a lot like I feel: relaxed, at peace, comfortable. Gazing out at the distant mountains. Listening to the quiet. Her hands are filled with ripe fruit, almost more than she can hold, like the bounty I’ve been harvesting at the farmers’ market each week.

In time, she will spread those wings and fly, exploring and experiencing more of this place where she finds herself. But for now, she’s content to just sit and take it all in. Thinking. Dreaming. Making wishes. And making them come true.

I’m linking with Kat Eye Studio’s Photo-Heart Connection for July. Each month, we choose one of our own images and write about how and why it speaks to our heart.