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Creatures Great and Small

I have been amazed and delighted by the variety of wildlife (and not-so-wild life) I’m now living in close proximity to. Of domesticated furred and feathered friends in residence, there are 3 dogs, 5 cats, 2 pet birds, 1 pet rabbit, 7 chickens, and 2 horses.

The wild birds and small furry creatures outside my windows are always entertaining when I need a break from unpacking boxes. In fact, I find them a distraction from getting serious work done, and my camera is always close at hand. I have little experience with wildlife photography, and make no claims about the quality of these photos. In fact, most of them were shot through the front window. I’ve been recording them for my own amusement, and in some cases so that I could look them up and identify them later.

The birds and beasties below are just a sampling — there are many others I haven’t gotten on camera yet. And of course there are the ones that “got away” . . . like the roadrunner I surprised in my front yard a couple of evenings ago. I’m not sure which of us was more surprised, actually. I knew there were some in the area, but never expected to see one 20 feet away in my own front yard. Since I had only stepped out to retrieve the jar of sun tea, I didn’t have my camera in my hands. But there’s always the next time!