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Photo-Heart Connection: February 2014

Morning WindowsMorning Windows

I’ve been living in this house for three and a half months now, and I still feel a sense of wonder at being here. It is only a temporary refuge — the owners are trying to sell it — but for now, it is home, and I’m treasuring every moment I spend here.

There’s just something about this place. A sense of timelessness and of history (is that a contradiction?), of connection with people and a way of life long past. I like to imagine what it might have been like to live through a winter such as this one with only fireplaces for heat and for cooking. I’ve never seen or felt any ghostly presence, but I do feel a sense of companionship with those who were here before me. It’s almost as if the house itself were alive and glad to have me here. Fanciful, I know.

Pictured above is the room where I sleep. It’s a large and gracious room. Judging by the window casings and other details, I believe that when originally built it must have been the parlor or “best” room of the house. The mantel remains, though the fireplace was bricked up long ago.

At night, when the shutters are closed, the room is very dark and the quiet is profound. In the morning, daylight shows itself in small slices around their edges. I open them to see what the day is like, and the room floods with light even if the sky is cloudy.

On the morning I took this photograph, the sun had come out after several days of gloomy overcast skies, cold, and snow. I went to the kitchen to make tea, and when I walked back into the bedroom it was glowing with sunlight. And so I picked up my camera, to save and savor this moment in time. 

They say “home is where the heart is,” and this month, home is also where my Photo-Heart Connection is.

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Photo-Heart Connection: August

Coming Home

I think I’ve mentioned here before that when I left California in 1995, I never expected to call it home again. Yet here I am. Life is full of surprises.

There is much to criticize about Southern California. The smog. The excesses of Hollywood. The congested and crazy-making freeways. The explosive growth that has covered over mile after square mile of farmland and natural, open space with new subdivisions and shopping centers. And let’s not talk about politics, or the economy.

But . . . the sky is blue, the sun is warm, fruits and flowers grow in abundance, and there is much beauty to be found.

I took this photograph at the San Buenaventura Mission during my sister’s and my day trip to the coast a couple of weeks ago. This image speaks to my heart this month because it reminds me that there is much to appreciate about my new-old home state. It reminds me of things I had forgotten.

One of the things I loved about living in New England was the sense of history all around me. Visiting the mission and museum in Ventura reminded me that California has a rich history, too, and brought back to me how much I always loved the missions.

I love the architecture, the gardens, and the artifacts of lives lived long ago, in a simpler time. I know life was not easy or peaceful then, but I find a peace there now. This photo reminds me to open my eyes and heart, to step through the gate and seek the beauty hidden within.

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