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Photo-Heart Connection: January

My online friend and teacher, Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio, is starting a new series today, a once-a-month link-up called Photo-Heart Connection. At the beginning of each month, we will look over our photos from the previous month, choose the one that most strongly speaks to our heart (for whatever reason), and write about it. This reminds me of one of my favorite assignments from the Find Your Eye classes, the intuitive writing exercise, so I’ve been looking forward to trying it.

Earth, Sea, Sky

As I reviewed the photographs I took in January, I kept coming back to this one. It’s from the same photoshoot as the lighthouse and snowy owl you might remember — my wonderful New Year’s Day outing.

I remember that when I took this picture, it was the reflected sky that caught my attention, and that I deliberately framed it as an experiment in using the Rule of Thirds. But that’s not what draws me back to this image.

What I see here now is a circularity, a repeating cycle, maybe even the “Circle of Life.”

There is the sky, with its watery clouds, reaching down to the sea. There is the ocean, stretching to the horizon, embracing the rocky land. And there, at the edge of the sea, is a huge mass of granite with a hollow in its top, filled with water tossed up by wind and waves . . . holding the sky.

Sky.  Sea.  Earth.  Sea.  Sky.


It makes my heart soar and ache, and my body long for wings.

You can read more about the Photo-Heart Connection and see other responses to the prompt here.



For the Birds

Chuck and Kirk

We had the most amazing, gorgeous New Year’s Day here in Southern Maine. An azure sky with a few wispy clouds, golden sunshine, a mild breeze, and a temperature in the mid-forties. And . . . I got a new 55-200mm zoom lens for Christmas! What’s a photographer to do? Go on a photo walk with a couple of friends, of course.

We checked out the Audubon Sanctuary at Biddeford Pool, then we headed down here:

Nubble Light

What we were looking for was this, which was just out of the frame on the left of the image above:

Snowy Owl

. . . a Snowy Owl that had been reported on local bird forums as having been sighted hanging around the lighthouse. I’m quite pleased with this photo, which was cropped from an image taken with my new 55-200mm lens, hand held, from a distance of a hundred yards or so.

Anyway, that’s when the guys got out the “big guns.” Can you tell they are serious about this?

Getting Real

There was quite a little crowd coming and going, thanks in equal measure to the beautiful weather and the rumored owl sighting. People seemed equally fascinated by the camera gear and the Snowy. My companions were generous with offering close-up looks through their lenses, and sharing their knowledge of birds and photography with anyone who had questions.

Local Color


Me? I was standing back watching the action, playing with my own new lens, photographing birds so far away I could barely see them, taking pictures of the scenery and the people, listening to conversations and having a few of my own, wearing a huge happy grin at the wonder of it all.


Lighter than Air

It’s hard to think of a better way to start a new year.