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On Being Still

I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking a class from Kim Klassen called Be Still – Fifty-two. We’re just past the halfway point, and this is sort of a catch-up post. I’ve been doing the lesson each week, but for various reasons, haven’t gotten around to publishing my results.

I’m pretty sure I’ve also mentioned before that still life is not a genre with which I feel comfortable. Doing setups for these lessons and “styling” a photograph is hard for me, and when I see the beautiful work done by other students, I feel that mine isn’t quite “right.” So I hesitate to put it out there.

OK, so that’s silly. First, it’s not a competition. Second, Kim encourages us to find and follow our own style, so there is no “right” that I should be worried about. And third, no one has ever been anything but kind and supportive about my photography. Therefore, after giving myself a good talking-to, I’ve just finished posting my “homework” for the past month or so to the class’s Flickr group, and thought I’d share a few of those images here.

White Pitcher Red AppleWhite Pitcher

Assignment: Create a photo inspired by a still life painting. My inspiration was a painting called White Vase by Neil Carroll. This was the first time I’ve tried photographing against a dark background like this.

DSC_7498Pear on Plate

Assignment: A composition using only two objects, such as a pear and a bowl.


Another take on the Two Objects challenge. As you can see, I’m rather captivated by that dark background effect.

Butter & Eggs Cooking for One

Assignment: A still life with butter and eggs. This one was fun. I’ve had that book for a long time, hoping for an opportunity to use it as a photo prop. And my daughter and I had to go antiquing to find the perfect butter dish, especially for this assignment.

Strong teaStrong Tea

Assignment: Square format, looking down, with two sides of the frame left open. This was  taken with my iPhone and processed with Laminar Pro.

And that brings me up to date, just in time for the lesson that arrived today!

Now, if I can just keep it up going forward . . . .



Scavenger Hunt Monday: 12.9.13

It’s been a long time since I did Scavenger Hunt Sunday, and here I am jumping back in a day late. I happened to run across the prompt list this week and could immediately think of images for each one. It’s not often that happens, so how could I resist? This week’s items were: Where I Stood, Silver, Tiny, In the Cupboard, and Shadow. Where I Stood:

DSC_3579At Home

I’ve had this very old rug for many years, and it now graces the floor in my living room. This is the first place I’ve ever lived where it looked like it truly belonged.


DSC_3548Found Treasure

As I was moving in and exploring this old house, I discovered this pitcher tucked back in the corner of a cupboard. I told the landlady about it, thinking she might have overlooked it when they moved out, but she said no, she’d left it on purpose and I could have it if I wanted it. On cleaning it up I discovered the silver was mostly worn off, but there’s enough left to give it a bit of sparkle, and I love the worn patina. I’m keeping it, thank you very much!


DSC_3564“From Tiny Acorns….”

At the farmers market this weekend, I discovered another treasure — little felted acorns glued into real acorn caps. This will be going on my Christmas tree.

In the Cupboard:

DSC_3556A Place for Everything

The title for this photo comes from something my sister said. I left my china cabinet behind when I moved from California back to Maine. When I got here, I discovered I had a built-in china closet in the dining room. My sis was commenting on how, no matter where I live, all my “stuff” seems to fit perfectly and looks like it belongs there.


Nostalgia 99-365Nostalgia 99/365

On Saturday, my daughter and I paid a visit to one of our favorite antiques malls. I was looking for a crystal bowl, similar to one my sister has that belonged to our Mom. Somehow I knew I was going to find it, yet I was still amazed when I really did. The pattern is a bit different, but it’s the exact same size and shape, and has the same bell-like ring when flicked with a fingernail. And even though it’s not Mom’s, it will still remind me of her every time I look at it. It feels almost like a gift from her to me.

And that’s a wrap for my Sunday-on-Monday Scavenger Hunt. I’m running over now to join the linkup while I still can!