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Self Image
This image is one of my favorite “self portraits.” It was taken in the evening on a late spring day, Mother’s Day, in fact, a few years ago.

This photograph says a great deal about me.

I had already spent the earlier part of the day with my daughter and her boyfriend, and had been taken out for a lovely brunch. I love my kids and love being with them. But the late afternoon found me wanting and needing to seek solitude and enjoy the last of the beautiful spring sunshine by myself, just me and my camera, alone in my favorite place.

The beach that is so crowded with vacationers during the summer was nearly deserted, except for one or two locals and their dogs. The water was calm and the breeze was light.

And so I walked, and took pictures of . . . nothing exceptional. And this one of myself. Notice the lightness of the bare footprint at the bottom. That’s mine. Notice the lightness even of the shadow. The light-colored blur across the middle is actually a few strands of my hair blowing across the lens.

This is how I see myself: traveling lightly through this world, leaving not much of a mark behind, not even footprints. Even my shadow is quiet. I like it that way.

This post is in response to a Find Your Eye lesson in which we were to choose a photograph and then write “intuitively” about it in our photo journal.