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What’s Your Sign?

The Kat Eye Studio’s Exploring with a Camera topic for this month is Signs. I had a lot of fun searching through my archives as well as more recent photos to see what signs of signs I could find in my pictures.

There seem to be three main reasons I include a sign in a photo. One is for information — to record something about a place that I’m visiting. The second is because I am attracted to the way it looks, either on its own or as an element of a composition. The third (and most frequent) is because the sign itself strikes me as interesting in some funny or quirky way. I see such a sign and immediately begin telling myself a story about it.

Here’s a random assortment from my sign collection, starting with one of my all-time favorites:

Ever the Optimist

This sign was posted on the door of an antiques (i.e., junk) shop in Maine. I’ve often wondered how things turned out for Steve.

And on a related theme:

I Do’s and Don’ts

This wildlife sanctuary on a bluff overlooking the sea is a lovely spot for an outdoor wedding, but you’d definitely want to hold the reception elsewhere. The juxtaposition of the three signs cracked me up.

Seen Better Days

Notice the sign embedded in the granite boulder, lower left?

As She Was

The beautiful brass plaque¬† includes a glimpse of the “before” of this formerly grand old home that is now just a ruin.

You Are Here

It’s good to feel certain about one’s place in the world, even if only for a moment.

Beach and Bog

Ooh, let’s go play in the peat bog! Besides, it’s so much closer than the beach!

Say What?

I guess bears aren’t the only thing to fear in the woods. Finding this sign posted alongside the trail on one of my favorite nature walks did not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it did make me glad my warm and fuzzy jacket was brightly colored. Why would hunting be allowed on a nature preserve with high visitor use? Why wasn’t there a sign to warn visitors to watch out for hunters??

Tools of the (Sign) Trade

Just think of these stencils as signs-to-be. And see that NO GUNNING ALLOWED IN THESE WOODS? Now, that’s the sign I would have preferred to have seen posted in place of the one above.

Bygone Days

I couldn’t resist the early morning light on the old-fashioned grocery store sign.

To the Point

I was hungry when I came across this sign. It told me all I needed to know.

How Now, Colorful Cow?

The grammar nerd in me hates it when people misuse quotation marks for emphasis, but I still loved this whimsical “OPEN” invitation.

Dreams for Sale

My daughter and I drove past this house for sale on Campobello Island several times when we were vacationing in the area. I loved its simple lines and location overlooking the bay and fantasized about living there year-round.

Believe It!

The lighthouse was indeed picturesque (and I took my share), but so was this rather endearing sign hand-painted on a granite block.

But On Top Is OK

Probably everyone has a favorite shot of someone flouting a No Parking sign. This is mine.

Trap Tags

The colorful tags on this lobster trap, washed onto a rocky beach by a storm, are the signs which identify its owner.

Cloud Bank

I love this picture, and the sign. Don’t know why, I just do.


Doesn’t this tattoo studio with its hanging baskets of flowers, bright OPEN banner, and classic movie reference (note the sled) tempt you to go inside?

Closed Sunday

The beautiful blue, the sunlight and shadow, the peeling textures all combine to make this one of my favorite signs.


This is a sign with a message worth thinking about. Every summer, the owner of this frame shop plants the most amazing flower garden, all in pots and window boxes in front of her store and the ones on either side. I couldn’t resist trying to capture myself “in the garden.”

Thanks, Kat, for another great idea to Explore with a Camera. I suspect I’m going to be a lot more conscious of signs from here on out.

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