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Photo-Heart Connection: October 2013

Kurt_UlysHangin’ Out With My Boys 49/365

This month’s Photo-Heart Connection image chose itself. In the midst of packing and preparing for my imminent move back to the East Coast, I took a few days off and drove up to Santa Cruz to visit my son and grandson. It’s a beautiful area, and I took a lot of photos. It was a good trip.

I loved watching my son and his son interact — he clearly adores that little boy. I took this photo with my iPhone as we were walking to the nearby train station to watch the steam train my boys call Thomas come in. My grandson is dressed proudly in his engineer’s overalls. A fascination with trains, especially old-fashioned steam locomotives, runs deep through several generations of men in the family.

It was hard to walk away from the chaos of getting ready for a cross-country move, to take the time out for that drive north. but I’m so glad I did it. That’s usually the case when I finally do something I’ve spent a lot of energy agonizing over in advance. That’s a lesson I wish I could learn once and for all, so I could stop all the angst beforehand. But that’s not really the Photo-Heart Connection here.

The deep connection is the family connection. Our history and the ties that bind. And the reminder that no matter which coast I live on, a part of my heart is going to be missing the other one, and the loved ones left behind there. Short of cloning myself, there doesn’t seem to be any solution to that dilemma.

And now, back to the packing. It’s almost finished. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be back in Maine.

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