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Third Thursday Challenge: 03.2013

DSC_0457Growing Strong

The Third Thursday Challenge I took up this month may not seem particularly photography-related but, believe me, it is.

I’ve joined a gym.

Last Thursday, by coincidence (or fate) the third Thursday in March, our local fitness center offered a free yoga class. I’ve been interested in yoga for a while but had never tried it. A free class just a few minutes from home . . . how could I pass that up?

I went, I yoga’d, I got sore — and it felt good. After class I talked with the owner about the facilities and membership options. I asked if there was a senior discount, he said yes, and I signed on the dotted line. Since then I’ve had two sessions with a trainer to get me started. It feels wonderful to be challenging my body and to know I’m doing something good for my long-term health.

So what’s the photographic connection? We’ve all heard the expression, “Use it or lose it.” I’ve always been blessed with good health, stamina, and reasonable strength. But lately I’ve noticed a decline in that strength. I noticed that when I squatted down to get close to the ground to take a photograph, I had trouble standing again without putting my hand on the ground to help push myself back up to my feet. I also noticed that when I took a walk with my dSLR, my back would ache.

That’s not the person I want to be. I have too many things I want to do, too many ground-level wildflowers to shoot, to let myself get old and tired and weak. Well, getting old I can’t do much about . . . that will happen no matter what, and, as they say, it beats the alternative. But I can take charge of my fitness and build my strength back up. I can get up from the computer, get off the couch, turn off the television, put down the book, get moving.

So, truly, it was my photography that gave me the push I needed. After all, I have to be strong enough to take on another challenge next month!

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