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Farewell and Hail

Out with the old and in with the new. Time to wrap up 2014 and look forward to 2015. I know, I know. That was so two weeks ago. I’m still catching up.

Best of 2014

BeStill2014FavesBeing Still : 2014

Trying to pick some favorites from the still life photos I took last year was more difficult than I thought it would be. Not because I didn’t like them — just the opposite. I liked so many of them so much that it was difficult to choose . . . like trying to pick your favorite child.

So I quick-collected a couple dozen of them in Lightroom and tried to organize them in some sensible way. I noted a number of themes: simplicity, soft colors, garden flowers, bits of nature, favorite antiques, everyday objects, food and drink. And light. It’s always about the light.

The images in the mosaic above are not necessarily “the best” or even my true favorites, but they are representative. I’m developing an appreciation for the genre. I love the way it helps me¬†exercise my creativity and see my same ol’ stuff in new ways. And it’s a wonderful way to practice photography when below zero temperatures and wind chills make going outside an unappealing prospect.

A Fresh Start

New BeginningBeginning Again

2015 marks the fourth year that I’ve kept this little five-year journal. During that time, I’ve missed only an occasional day here and there. This is an accomplishment of major proportions for me. There is little written here that’s deep or profound, but it has been consistent, and that makes me very happy.

As I head into this new year, the word I’ve chosen to guide and inspire me — yes, and to prod myself with — is Complete. It’s time to finish those things I’m always complaining about needing or wanting to do. It’s time to fulfill commitments I make to myself. It’s time to realize that some things in my life have already been completed as much as they ever will be, and to let them go.

My little journal reminds me that I can do it, once I set my mind to it. It lies on the nightstand, waiting for me to write a brief summary of my day before I go to bed. And I do it, no matter how tired I am and how much I want to let it go just this once. If I can complete that small task, then I can complete bigger ones, one step at a time.

Here’s to getting things done, and getting the most out of them while doing it.


Photo-Heart Connection: January 2013

When I looked over my images from January to choose the one that stood out from the rest, this is what jumped out at me:

Whither Goest Thou?

Whither Goest Thou?

I know, what the heck is that?

I was sitting at my desk in front of the window, working away at the computer, when a flash of something white in the sky caught my eye. It was a flock of birds, shining in the sun, moving fast. I’d never seen anything like them here before, so I grabbed my point and shoot camera, which happened to be sitting on my desk, and ran for the door. I zoomed to maximum telephoto and grabbed this one shot just before they flew out of sight behind the mountains. I wasn’t trying for art, I was really just hoping to get enough to be able to identify the birds.

So here they are, cropped for a better look. Now can you tell what they are?

It's a Mystery

It’s a Mystery

How about now?



That’s right — seagulls. What?

I live in the DESERT. The ocean is about fifty miles west of here, as the crow…er, seagull flies. But these guys were heading east, toward more desert. Where were they coming from? Why did they leave there? Where were they going? What did they find on their journey?

These are thoughts I’ve been pondering in regards to my own life. My word, my theme for this year is “Explore.” I want to explore the the world around me:¬† see new places, meet new people, learn new things, take new photographs, read new books, think new thoughts. I want to fly in new and unexpected directions.

This is not exactly natural behavior for me. I’m an introvert, and can be a bit shy, though I usually hide it pretty well. Trying something I’ve never done before, or going someplace I’ve never been before is not easy. It always scares me a little.

I think I’ll pretend to be a seagull, sailing over brown hills, looking for blue water. Maybe I’ll pick up a few friends along the way who’d like to share the journey.

Linking with Kat Eye Studio’s Photo-Heart Connection for January.