Sea Blue Lens


First Time Scavenger

Well, I thought I’d give this Scavenger Hunt Sunday linkup, hosted by the lovely Ashley Sisk of Ramblings and Photos, a try. I love seeing everyone else’s Scavenger posts and it looks like fun, so here goes. This week’s items were:┬áSunset, Black and White, A Day in my Life, Four, Colorful.

Sunset Smoke

Sunset: I took this image from my living room window. You can blame any lack of sharpness on the two panes of glass and a screen that were between my camera and the outside. What can I say? It was COLD.

Personal Space

Black and White: A flock of pigeons on some power lines, each one fluffed up against the cold. You’d think they’d want to be closer together for warmth, but maybe it doesn’t work that way for birds.

Not Exactly a Cubicle

A Day in My Life: Behind this desk is where I spend most of my waking hours, Monday through Friday.

2 + 2 = 4

Four: Well, I didn’t have four images I wanted to use, and don’t really know how to make a montage anyway, though I could probably figure it out if I really tried. Here’s my alternate take on it – a pair of wine glasses and their shadows in the late afternoon light.


Colorful: I love the contrast of these bright red berries against the soft, blue-water background.

What do you know? That really WAS fun! Now, let’s see if I can figure out the linky . . . .