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Scene & Story: September 2017

I hope you don’t mind coming back to the beach with me for this month’s Scene & Story. I had thought of several different photo/story possibilities for September. It’s nice to have an abundance of material to choose from, though that can bring problems of its own! In the end, this image turned out to be one of my favorites, and it happened quite by accident.

DSC_1926Summer’s End

A couple of weeks ago, I went over to Ocean Park to see the surf, as we’d had high surf warnings for several days as Tropical Storm (formerly Hurricane) Jose made its way northward up the Atlantic. You may recall that people photography is not my “thing.” But while I was watching the waves, this couple walked down to the edge of the water and stood there with their arms around each other. I thought, “That’s sweet,” and thought it might make a picture. I got off a couple of quick shots and was disappointed that they broke apart just as I snapped the shutter the third time.

Much to my surprise, the third time really was the charm. I love this photo — the wind blowing her skirt and hair, the action, the perfect postures and clarity of their two shapes. The slight angling of their heads and bodies towards each other feels more intimate to me than when they were actually touching.

I don’t know them and they didn’t even notice me, but I’m grateful to them for representing the joy and beauty and wonder of summer for me and my camera. It was pure serendipity, and I love it when that happens.

* * * * *

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