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Scene & Story: December 2017


I’d hoped to discover a really spectacular image when I reviewed December’s photos, in order to finish up Scene & Story with a bang, so to speak. What I discovered instead was that I didn’t get out much in December. Winter set in with snow storms, cold winds, and early darkness, compounding my usual pre-Christmas blues. Most of my photos were of icy landscapes seen through the window.

Light in the Darkness

So this one turned out to be the winner, representing a brighter, happier aspect of the month. The glow of colored lights shining into the night and reflecting back again, and the warm nostalgia of treasured ornaments from Christmases past. The blessing of having a safe, warm refuge from bitter cold days and nights. The sharing of love, kindness, and the goodwill of the holidays with family, friends, and neighbors near and far.

And now it’s a new year, with who-knows-what on the horizon. The decorations are packed away until next time, which I know will be here all too soon. The weather outside is still frightful, even snowier and colder. I’m looking forward to a break, to being able to get back outside with my camera. Until then, I will turn on some lamps to shine out into the darkness, and enjoy the peace and pleasures of being at home.

Home, my “word” for 2018.

* * * * *

Click here for the Scene & Story link-up at Paisley Rain Boots.

This is the last Scene & Story linkup. Sarah and I have enjoyed hosting the linkup for the past year. It’s been a fun practice and I’ve loved the rhythm of this monthly post, but it’s time to move on to new adventures and projects in the new year. A huge Thank you to those who have joined in or followed along over the past year. It’s been a joy to share the first Sunday of each month with you!

16 thoughts on “Scene & Story: December 2017

  1. Your word fits you very well. I love the colorful lights on your tree. That is one thing I miss with our easy to assemble pre-lit Christmas tree, all boring white lights, but still I have the treasured handmade and special memory ornaments, and that’s all that goes on the tree.

  2. I love the way you shot this with the lights reflecting back! It’s already been a tough winter, here in New England. There’s a saying (probably from REI or some other outdoor outfitter) that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear. I don’t completely agree, but am finding now that I have to take my dog outside, regardless of the weather – being outdoors in bad weather can actually be kind of exhilarating – but boy is it hard to get out there! I like your word “home”, and your photo feels like home. Stay warm, Leon – even in New England, the winter will pass eventually!

  3. Such a beautiful image and reflection which does indeed go so well with the word for the year that you have chosen!
    I shall enjoy visiting you here on your blog, Lee, even without our Scene & Story each month!

  4. Home is a fantastic word. We make our own little universes in a home. Home can be both cozy and expansive. I love the colors in your photo!

  5. Home…..a wonderful word. Grateful for the temporary warmth and memories it provides in this world. I’m just passing through. Your photo depicts it perfectly on a cold winter day!

  6. I love your writing as much as your photographs. Home is a perfect word for the year. We create our home to our liking. I noticed it most during a period of time when I was temporarily living with my mother and my “things” were in storage. I was truly a woman without a country, separated from self and life. Your tree decorations are you and I’m sure each and every one has a story. I will miss these Scene and Story posts.

  7. I have to agree with Carol above me, I, too, love both your writing and your photographs. Your word for the year is perfect – especially now after our dreadful October I treasure home so much more than I already did. And the image? It reflects it beautifully – the light, the warmth and the stillness. The refuge.

  8. Just this afternoon I’ve removed decorations from our Christmas tree and put them into boxes to wait there for next Christmas, it will be here much sooner than we will like it, I guess… I love your light in the darkness with all the reflections, so heart warming. Wishing you to enjoy your word for the year, it’s a word with excellent potential!

  9. I love your beautiful tree with the colored lights and treasured ornaments! Home is such a wonderful word to focus on this year. I haven’t picked a word for the last couple of years. I tried before and never could follow through after the first couple of months. I’m so thankful you and Sarah hosted Scene & Story this past year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful group, the pictures, and the stories!

  10. I agree with Sarah. I too miss the colored tree lights on our pre-lit trees pulled from the attic each year. I also love how they reflect off the window in the dark night. I like your 2018 word.

  11. Lee, this photograph is a winner indeed! I absolutely LOVE everything about it.
    It has been horribly cold here also, and I have a pretty bad case of cabin fever. However, this week promises to be much better, so I am looking forward to that.

    I wish you a wonderful (and warmer!) week ahead, my friend.

  12. Your photograph fits perfectly with your word for 2018, representing a home that warms your heart with memories. I love the reflection of the lights in the windows too. Thank you for hosting the Scene and Story link up this past year. Stay warm and Happy New Year!

  13. Adding my heart felt thanks to you and Sarah for hosting Scene and Story. Although I didn’t participate each month, I sure did look forward to reading them. Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year.

  14. Oh! I like your word for the year! It has a cozy ring to it. Well, I do really love your brightness from the tree, and decorations. It does say “home” with the glow of colored lights. So again, Happy New Year, and may you enjoy many hours of home, and photography!

  15. Great word “home” feels cozy and warm.

  16. Now that December is long gone, hopefully your world is lighter and brighter now. 🙂 Thanks for hosting Scene & Story. I have enjoyed following the journey.

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