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Last Look at the Leaves


I woke this morning to white flakes drifting from the sky and beginning to cover the ground. It wasn’t cold enough to last for long, but the message was unmistakable. Winter is very near! Before it gets here, I really wanted to post some photos of the glorious autumn we’ve had here this year.

About a month ago, being encouraged to “change it up” and take a break from still-life photography for our Be Still – 52 class, I visited Laurel Hill Cemetery to photograph the fall leaves. I’ve been there many times in the spring for the daffodil display, and I got some wonderful photos on a snowy day last winter. Can you believe this was my first fall excursion to this beautiful cemetery?


DSC_7061Under the trees, the air itself seemed to be glowing.

DSC_7060It was just as brilliant underfoot.

DSC_7086An unexpected downpour sent me dashing for the shelter of my car.

DSC_7149I thought of heading home, but the rain passed quickly, leaving the color even more intense.

DSC_7098From the benches above . . .

DSC_7094. . . you can look out over the marsh and river.


DSC_7177Victorian era cast iron fence

DSC_7273Mosses and lichen

DSC_7285Paper wasp nest

DSC_7165A perfect maple

DSC_7167Old, crooked gravestones

DSC_7243Kaleidoscope of color

DSC_7253These trees looked as if they’d been purposely decorated by the windblown leaves.

DSC_7322The road back to the gate passes the pretty, vine-covered chapel, built in 1890.

DSC_7326It’s worthy of its own photo essay.

DSC_7332The tower

DSC_7330Even the window glows with autumn light.

DSC_7355One final look back. Goodbye, leaves . . . til next year.

22 thoughts on “Last Look at the Leaves

  1. These are simply stunning! Now that the trees here are bare and gray, this flash of color does my heart good.

  2. Awesome! Why was I not invited? 🙂

  3. There is something so peaceful about visiting a cemetery ……your pictures are incredibly beautiful,,,,, thanks for sharing,,,I love them all! Have a good weekend,,,,

  4. Every time I drove past, I would think, I’ll bet there are beautiful photos in that cemetery and among those trees! Thank you for having more initiative than I did. Your photos are stunning! Now I know the beauty I passed by.

  5. So many pretty photos! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would love a walk around there. The chapel is divine. The rain was a gift to make those colors pop so nice.

  7. So beautiful . . . Stunning . . . .
    Love the very old Ivy laden chapel . . .
    Oh my, such beauty . . .

  8. What an amazing display of color! And I like that I am seeing it now – after November winds have scrubbed the trees of their leaves and everything here is gray. Such a wonderful reminder of that momentary beauty.

  9. Each and every photo made me gasp!! These are truly amazing and absolutely gorgeous! You have such a good eye for finding the right place to stand and shoot! I love those cone shaped evergreens decorated with falls beauty! Thank you for this beautiful, peaceful tour this morning!

  10. I so loved these, Leon and I found myself thinking about how the muted, rainy day light made them even more impressive! Your light is stunning in these. I’d love to go on a photo expedition sometime, Leon. Can you imagine what fun we’d have?

  11. Gorgeous images! Wonderful colour. Love the intensity.

  12. Fantastic….what a gorgeous cemetery, from architecture, to markers, shading trees and greenery. This is a very special place and you captured the feeling of it with tenderness and a creative eye. The tree festooned with leaves was so fun…glad you didn’t miss that one. And you are right…taking photographs after a rain storm is pure bliss….the most amazing colors and textures. Maybe you can get in one more trip before snow levels the playing field!!!

  13. These are wonderful.

  14. Winter is indeed very near for us here in NY also, Lee.
    We had our first snowfall (just a bit), and are expecting our first ice storm tonight. It’s also been very, very cold, but I guess that it’s time…

    These photographs are just beautiful!

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead. xo.

  15. Oh, my gosh! What gorgeous pictures, Leon! I can’t pick a favorite, as they are all so beautiful! You’ve captured the essence of autumn. What a wonderful place to visit, thank you so much for sharing these.

  16. OMG! Where do I even start! The last photo was a 10. That’s the most gorgeous cemetery I’ve ever seen. I love the colored leaves scattered over the cone shaped evergreens. They reminded me of ‘sprinkles’. Just so so so beautiful! We don’t have anything like that here. Some day I plan to go to New England in the fall. I believe I like them on the ground as much as on the trees.

  17. Such beautiful autumn colors — wow! Awesome!

  18. Yes, winter is eminent, but you captures some beautiful, last images of the autumn. Spectacular colours.

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and reactions to an amazing place. Autumn is the time of year I miss most in one-season Florida. I agree entirely about the fir trees decorated with blown leaves–they look for someone to turn on the electricity! Is the chapel still used? It would be a wonderful place for a wedding or christening.

  20. What a beautiful place – I would love to be there, taking pictures and just sitting on a bench, day dreaming and watching the birds that I’m sure hang around here. Stunning autumn colors – that maple really pops!

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