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The Last {In the Picture} Show


In The Picture

We’ve come to the end of our year-long self-portrait project, {In the Picture}. I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it for the entire year. I knew this would be a year of change for me, and I really wanted to document it in some way.

As one who is usually taking the photographs, I’m not often seen in them. It’s been a change to put myself in front of the lens, and even more challenging to learn to look at the results objectively. It has definitely been a growing experience, and one that I’ve enjoyed much more than I expected to.

In addition to learning to see and appreciate myself in new ways, I’ve loved being able to see my fellow photographers on this journey. I love having faces to put with the personalities that I’ve come to know through your photography, art, and writing. I’ve been moved and inspired by the honesty, courage, and creativity with which you have revealed yourselves not just physically but emotionally.

Our optional theme for the month of December was “celebrate.” 

Happy Birthday Girl

Celebrating Myself!

I’m one of those lucky people who have a close-to-Christmas birthday. In honor of the occasion, my sister and brother-in-law took me on a day trip over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house . . . oops, wrong story. Actually, we went to Little India in Cerritos for some delicious Indian food, which I love.

We drove over the Angeles Forest and Angeles Crest highways and the views were amazing. The devastation of the wildfires two years ago is heart-breakingly evident, but the regrowth of vegetation is encouraging. The weather looked frightful but wasn’t, and really added to the drama of the scenery. In reality I’m just holding my camera here, but I like to think my arms are outstretched to embrace all the beauty around me and whatever the next year will bring.

Celebrating Memories

Celebrating Memories Past

Next came Christmas. You knew there had to be birds on my tree, right? One of the things I love about all our family’s Christmas trees is that each ornament brings back the memory of a time, place, person, or event. I have ornaments going back to my kids’ first Christmases.

The goldfinch is from a favorite place in Maine where my daughter and I vacationed several times. The little crystal bird is new this year and stands in for all the new birds I’ve discovered here at my new home. And that tiny angel was a gift from a dear friend and her small son a few years ago.

Celebrating Memories To Come

Celebrating Memories Future

I raise my glass to all of you! I hope you have been able to celebrate whichever holidays you observe at this time of year with love, joy, and hope for tomorrow.  My wish for every one of us is a happy, healthy, creative, and prosperous New Year.

Come to our final linky party and celebrate with us! Once again, many thanks for Christy’s inspirational lead in hosting {In the Picture} all year long. It’s been a rewarding journey.

12 thoughts on “The Last {In the Picture} Show

  1. I have enjoyed you journey as much as you have! You look awesome… obviously being a California Girl again was a good decision for you. Happy New Year Leon!!

  2. Lovely post, Lee! Great selfies this month — you look so happy in the first one, and just gorgeous in the last! It’s been fun to share the journey and see our progress. Best wishes for a wonderful new year to you! Keep in touch.

  3. Sigh. You do look nice, but I misses you! Hope I can come out there next Christmas. Wasn’t really the same without you. 😦

  4. So inspiring to see all of these selfies up and posted. Here’s wishing you and yours all the best for the up and coming new year!!!

  5. That looks like a lovely trip to celebrate your birthday and the holidays. Great photo of you by the fireplace.

    Although, I love living on a rural island, I sure do miss all the ethnic restaurants that were in walking distance when I lived in California.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  6. I am so glad you participated with us this year at {in the picture}! your photos are lovely–really like that one with the amazing view behind you. it’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed the journey more than you thought you would 🙂 a happy, healthy 2013 to you!!

  7. It’s been lovely to see you in the picture, I’ve enjoyed the journey too, I love the first shot, it does look like you’re embracing the view.

  8. Nice post! The celebration of yourself…and memories past, present, and future, was a wonderful way to wrap up your year of {in the picture} self-discovery. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey and get to know you a little bit better through posts and pictures. Blessing to you for health, happiness, and the love of family and friends in the year ahead!

  9. “my arms are outstretched to embrace all the beauty around me and whatever the next year will bring” – I love this thought. You have joyously embraced your new lifestyle and new home and it has been an inspiration to witness. It has been a delight each month to “meet” you – all the different sides of you as you shared yourself with us so bravely and beautifully. Wishing you a 2013 filled with creativity and joy!

  10. What a beautiful journey you have had and your pleasure shines through in your shots. My favourite one is the last one in front of the fire. Now you seem so settled and happy in your new home.

  11. Cheers! Have loved seeing you on this journey. Love your first shot with the scenery behind you. Happy new year and happy birthday. Here’s to a fabulous 2013. 🙂

  12. stumbled across your blog today (through Kims site) & was just awestruck at how you really embrace vulnerability here… it’s inspiring to see you get behind your camera like you do & blog from the heart. keep it up. I haven’t seen too many blogs like it.

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