Sea Blue Lens

Craving Color


Today looks like this — again. And it’s snowing — again.


Now, I think the snow is beautiful, and I’ve been enjoying it. But as you can see, my world is pretty much a black and white one at the moment. It seems it has been so for months.

Yesterday, knowing another storm was coming, I decided to walk to the shopping center that’s just a couple of blocks from the house to stock up on a few essentials. I can’t face a storm without milk and bread and a rotisserie chicken.

And just inside the door, I found this:


Be still, my heart, and breathe deep, my soul. I didn’t need to buy any to bring home (they’d have frozen before I got there, anyway). I just feasted my eyes and filled up the well. It made me very happy.

On the way home, I stopped by a snow mountain piled up by the plows in the parking lot, and snapped a silly selfie. The sky was blue. That made me happy, too.


Then, half a block later, this:


Not much color to speak of, but a tiny message of love right at my feet, from a Universe with a sense of humor. That might have made me happiest of all.

I wish each of you a happy Valentine’s Day, full of love in whatever color and shape you find it.

13 thoughts on “Craving Color

  1. Thank you for the infusion of color. I’m dying here. 34 days until spring, not that I’m counting-nor that it will make that much difference, but it sounds good.

  2. Thanks for the burst of color in a black and white world. Love the selfie.

  3. Love you colour, a nice bright burst to keep you going, & what a lovely heart find 🙂

  4. Not much color here either, Lee, and we are being blanketed once again.
    It looks like this will be a big one.
    On the bright side, the temps are in the 20s and we have not seen that in quite a long time.
    Stay safe, and a very happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  5. Oh, my – what an amazing difference between the current outside winter world and that bright, saturated, almost-blinding sea of color. It’s almost hard to imagine that in a few short months, the world will again be a riot of such colors. Filling the well, indeed! Thanks for sharing. Love your silly selfie – dwarfed by that snow mountain and then your final surprise of a tiny snow heart. Beautiful!

  6. What a Splash of color those flowers are. Yes, this monotone season is getting old. Have you noticed how the snow is drying up. Ours is here, it’s still deeper than some bodies of water though. How cool is that snow heart at your feet. Love it!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors! Takes my breath away! I love that you spotted the heart shape full of snow!

  8. Great post, Lee! I loved it all. The wonderful riot of color, the selfie, the ice heart. Happy Valentines day to you and your family!

  9. I rather enjoyed the walk to the shopping center with you. Not the least of which, because I managed to keep warm along the way! And the riot of color was so worth the trip. Have a Valentine’s Day full of warmth and love!!

  10. Gorgeous colour and I love that little snow heart. Stay warm and happy Valentine’s to you. 🙂

  11. What a lovely post! –that bouquet of is color is glorious. And I LOVE your little snow heart! Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!
    p.s. Beautiful new header!

  12. That was a fun post to read. Bemoaning a little bit your current b&w circumstances, celebrating those fabulous blooms, and taking time to appreciate the aforementioned b&w circumstances. Sending wishes for an early thaw along with crocuses and daffodils…

  13. Quite a contrast, the full colour of summer (although still captured in winter time) and the bleak winter. Beautiful images. And what a lovely little heart!

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