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I have a new toy! A couple of weeks ago, a friend in a Facebook group I belong to mentioned an iPhone app called Waterlogue. It sounded intriguing and seemed like an affordable splurge (under three dollars) so I indulged myself. And have I ever been having fun since! Here’s my very first try:

IMG_2311Beginner’s Luck

And the second:

IMG_2321Huh. Maybe It’s Not Just Luck.

Yes, they really are photographs, and what this app does to them in an instant seems more like magic than technology. In each case, I selected a picture from my Photo Stream on the iPhone, the app did its thing to it in about 3 seconds, and I saved it back to my photo library. Done.

Here’s a before and after:


IMG_2377Summer Vacation

Here’s one image done three ways:



IMG_2342“It’s Technical”

Are we having fun yet? I’ve been deliberately choosing colorful images to transform, but it does nice things even with my presently monochromatic environment. Here we have a white house and white car in the white snow under an overcast pearly-white sky:

IMG_2382New England Winter

One nice side effect of playing with this app is that it has inspired me to get out my actual watercolors, which I haven’t used in much too long, and have a try at some real painting again. And by “real painting,” I still mean “playing”!

Meanwhile, until spring arrives to produce some real flowers, here’s a couple of tulips from two years ago, newly Waterlogued.

IMG_2323It’s Coming

Have a wonderful weekend!

Note: I have no stake in Waterlogue and am not being paid to endorse it. I’m just happy to have heard about it myself, so I thought I’d pass it along. It’s been a fun way to spend some time when the snow’s falling and it’s too cold to go outside. 

19 thoughts on “Painting Pictures

  1. What a cool app! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with it. I think I may just have to buy myself an unanticipated Valentine’s Day gift this weekend.

    I’m sure that the beauty of your photos help this app look its best!

    I think Rebecca would be super-excited to see this in action…

    Maybe “Aunt Lon” could send her an email??

    Thanks again for sharing this “cool tool”.

    Stay warm,


  2. You did a great tutorial on this app. I have been seeing it everywhere and I tend to avoid getting on the bandwagon with these kinds of things, but you convinced me and now I will probably be addicted. Would love to see some of your physical water coloring.

  3. Wow, those look awesome! Now I want to try it myself! 🙂

  4. These are awesome! Wish I had the phone and the app to play myself. Glad it’s inspiring you to paint again!

  5. I have been seeing this all over Instagram…wasn’t sure how this beautiful effect was being achieved. It truly IS amazing. Thanks for clue-ing me in!

  6. These are so cool, Lee! I think I NEED this app! Your choice of photos and your wonderful compositions make it work really well. Thanks so much for sharing! This has inspired me to get back to Corel Painter and my graphics pad too. Love it!

  7. I love when the domino effect happens in a way that makes us more creative! That seems to be the case with this new app and you getting out your own paints/watercolors. I’m swooning over these images and will have to see if there is an Android version of this.

    I hope you have fun creating water color images with paint brushes as much as you have with this app!

  8. Wow! These are really beautiful, Lee!
    There are some apps that are just amazing in what they can do, and I think Waterlogue is definitely one of those.
    I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  9. That’s a pretty awesome app! Those look so realistic. My gosh, you don’t have to learn how to do watercolor (I love watercolor!)
    I especially like the one with the glass jar (I love glass!) 🙂

  10. See – these are the kinds of things that make me want a smartphone! Wow! Love these. That app does an amazing job of turning an image into a very realistic watercolor – better than anything I have seen done in Photoshop. Love all your examples. What fun you must be having! I’m going to add this to my Pinterest board – “If I Ever Get a Smartphone”.

  11. This reminds me of the time when I first started with Photoshop and was playing with all the “effects” – and the effects were really cool. So I can understand your excitement. It’s fun, isn’t it? Enjoy it!

  12. Leon you are so talented

    Sent from my iPhone

  13. Watercolor is so refreshing, and this app is amazing!! I ADORE all of your photos and yes it is so fun to play with. Now I need something to use it on.

  14. Beautiful pictures and what a fantastic app, I love it, thanks for sharing. I will have some more fun with this later when more rain falls!

  15. I think apps are so much fun, these look really pretty. magical.

  16. Fantastic images, they are really so beautiful. I might have to look up the app myself. I really like the way it turns photograph into watercolour-like images.

  17. I found you through Paisley Boots, Sarah and stopped to visit you because I found the Waterlogue app a few weeks ago on my iPad . . . Great fun it has been for a mere three dollars. I too would love seeing your water colors!

  18. Came to visit from Sarah’s blog. What a fun app – I’m hooked just seeing your “Waterlogued” photos. Lovely!

  19. Thanks for sharing, I may have to check out Waterlogue.

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