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Scene & Story: August 2017


When I reviewed my photographs for the last month, I was surprised to come across the ones I took when I stayed at the beach for a few days in the second week of August. It was only three and a half weeks ago, but somehow it feels much longer. Perhaps it’s because being at that place seems so far removed from my normal daily life and routine. It’s like something in a dream, where time doesn’t really have any meaning. Was I really there?

Oh, yes I was! And I have my photos to remind myself, to remember what it was like to get up before the sun to walk on the deserted beach. Listening to the waves and the gulls as the sky lightens and a new day begins. Feeling the water on my bare feet and the breeze on my face. Not thinking. Just breathing. Just being.

August Sunrise

I’m grateful for this hobby of photography that helps me revisit the past, whether special moments like that August morning or just the small moments of my ordinary days.

And so I say goodbye to summer, and welcome autumn. Just breathing. Just being.

* * * * *

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Scene & Story is a monthly collaborative creation that Sarah Huizenga of Paisley Rain Boots and I dreamt up to encourage one another in our photography and writing. We’d love to have you join us! Share a favorite photo from the previous month along with a short story or description and link up your blog or Flickr photo. 



19 thoughts on “Scene & Story: August 2017

  1. The warm tones of this suggest such joy and happiness. Solitude and the beach what could be better.

  2. What a gorgeous scene from your month of August. It’s so dreamy and I could definitely identify with your wonderful walk with all your senses awakened as you watch a new dawn, feel the water on your bare toes and feel that wonderful sea breeze. Such beautiful pastel colours in your lovely image!

  3. I love the colors and lines in your photo. It says warmth and happiness. I also found it funny that your trip felt like such a long time ago. August flew by for me, so when I looked for pictures I was surprised to find so many options.

  4. My parents use photography as their motivation to get out of the house and walk about. My father posts a “bird of the day” on facebook. Recently I started doing the same thing, except I don’t have the patience for moving things to settle down so I focus on flowers.

  5. The beach is one of my most favorite places to be. There is something about the ebb and flow of the waves and your bare feet in the sand and water. The ebb and flow allows you to breathe in the calm and breathe out any stress or worries you might have. Your photo portrays that calm.

  6. Oh how do I love the calm and warm atmosphere in this image. The way you describe your morning at the beach is something I enjoy so very much as well and I almost feel like having been there with you.

  7. This scene is so beautiful and peaceful! Walking in the early morning on the beach is always magical!

  8. Your photos are so beautiful. The light and tones, stunning. I feel August moved to fast. Summer is fading but I’m holding on for a bit longer.

  9. What a wonderful memory this is, my friend.
    Your photographs are beautiful, and I am so glad that you had this memorable experience.
    There is nothing quite like the ocean/beach, whether it be in the summer or any other season, it is my favorite place to be. I only wish I lived closer, but I do get there a few times each year.

  10. Lovely warm photo; lovely warm words. I love the idea of just breathing. Just being. I have to remind myself of that.

  11. A gorgeous photo. As others point to; the warm tones brings about such a positive feeling. And I really like the openness and vastness of landscape you have captured.

  12. Gorgeous! I am going to try to participate in the link up next month. Great idea!

  13. I love to see my memories in photographs too. Very grateful. Your photos are just beautiful.

  14. Reading your above comments, you touched a lot of soft places in women’s hearts. There is such a strong bond between we humans and water, especially the ocean. Your photos are so serene and lovely. The peachy-tones are perfect for setting the mood. I hope you can return again soon. I find that I love any color and mood of the ocean…even murky it holds a story. I have been enjoying paintings beach scenes this past month…I must try a peach colored one. You are inspirational. smiles: sharon

  15. wow really gorgeous, love this photo, gives me a sense of inner peace just looking at it. Beautiful.

  16. Having a beach to myself, now that’s heaven. I can close my eyes and feel the scrunch of sand between my toes, how the packed wet sand feels when I run, the scream of the seagulls, the sound of the waves rushing the beach, then pulling back. We were supposed to have a family weekend on the Washington Coast in a couple of weeks, but it was canceled. So I will be planning my own beach adventure.

  17. A morning walk on the beach is one of my favourite things- Im so glad to be moving into the warmer weather…

  18. The place looks so serene and dramatic at the same time, beautiful colours… and a beautiful memory. Just breathing and being seems such a simple task and yet we are so overloaded with information, thoughts and activities that it’s difficult to achieve… Wishing you many happy just breathing and being moments!

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