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Scene & Story: October 2017


Oh, October, you most brilliant and colorful of months! I hate to see you go.

October has always been a favorite month, no matter where I lived. Where I grew up, in southern Nevada, there wasn’t much color to speak of, but by October the weather was always pleasant — not too warm nor too cool — and life would be well-settled into the fall routine of school or work or whatever.

October is usually quiet month, before the excitement and anticipation of the winter holidays set in. It brings with it a touch of nostalgia, as my father’s birthday is (was) in mid-October. He died in 1994, but would have been 99 this year. I still miss him.

The year after Dad’s death, I moved eastward, first to Ohio and later to Maine, and experienced the “real” autumn that I’d previously only read about. It’s been over 20 years and I still haven’t gotten over the wonder of it. So, even though it’s a total cliché, my October scene is all about the leaves.

High winds and heavy rain last weekend brought an end to the peak color, but I have memories and I have photographs to remind me of its glory until October comes around again.

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18 thoughts on “Scene & Story: October 2017

  1. A wonderful scene for October, Lee. The clear blue skies, the wonderful coloured leaves and the water reflections. I can well understand why you love October so much. So lovely to remember your dad’s birthday too during this beautiful month – even if it is tinged with nostalgia. The loving memories are still there.

  2. Fall leaves are beloved for a reason. It’s breathtaking! The colors, the light, and the lines in your photo are exquisite.

  3. Fall has long been my favorite season. I grew up in the midwest – not much color there, but the weather was nice and I always liked the start of the new school year. I’ve been in New England (off and on – mostly on) for the past 40 years and Fall is spectacular, here! I love the way you captured the light behind your leaf. You may feel that your leaf is cliche for October – but certainly not the way you’re presenting it – and remember, much of the country (world) doesn’t experience October the way New England does.

  4. Such beautiful shots these are! Love your Fall representation! This has to be my favorite time of year also

  5. October is my favorite month too – the weather is perfect and colors are magical.

  6. October is my favorite month as well. I love its cooler temperatures and its abundance of color. Sometimes it brings the first rain for us which will turn the brown landscape into lush greens. Your photos really tell what October is all about.
    I missed my favorite month this year. It was a horrific month for us. But now I enjoy a beautiful colorful early November.

  7. Such gorgeous fall color. Having always lived in Michigan, it would be so odd to live somewhere where there wasn’t a lot of fall color. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

  8. Oh, what beautiful fall colors. Living in Arkansas our autumn colors are iffy, especially this year. Lack of rain and 80 degree temps don’t bring beautiful colors, only a lot of brown! As you know, winter is my favorite time of the year.

  9. Beautiful colors. I love the blue sky and the sun flare with the little drop of water, gorgeous! I enjoy the fall colors too. Here in my part of Ohio the colors haven’t been as bright as usual, and I have missed them. I also enjoy getting out my favorite fall sweaters and jeans I haven’t seen in a while, it is like getting a new wardrobe. 🙂

  10. These are truly so beautiful, Lee.
    Maine is such wonderful place to be during any season, but autumn there is just amazing.
    I am glad you are enjoying it, my friend.
    have a fantastic week!

  11. Your fall colors are so very brilliant and surpass much of even midwest in Indiana. I really enjoyed reading about your past places to live, and where your grew up. I know what it is to miss a dad. There is no color that stands above the crimson red, in my opinion, especially with light filtering through it. This week our late turning leaves are beginning to drop, though we still have the oak and Gingko yet to turn in my neighborhood. Gingko being my most favorite, and lovely yellow. Have a very wonderful week Leon!!

  12. Gorgeous colours and light, Lee, it’s a lovely scene. This autumn I’ve been thinking a lot about the soft and golden light that adds so much to the colours…

  13. I agree with you, October is an spiritual month with its colours and its changing of seasonal mood. You have captured its essence in these two photos, a delightful landscape and an intense colour close-up of autumn’s leaf.

  14. Fall in Maine, what a gift for you. My son who is 22 has a hope of visiting Maine during this time. I’m not sure what spurred this desire (of course the color) but he’s been talking about it for a couple of years. Maybe some year, he’ll get to go.

  15. The colours in that leaf are stunning! Such a beautiful capture. I love October too. X

  16. Be still my autumn-loving heart. These pics are stunning! This reminds me, though, I still have a bunch of autumn photos in my camera waiting to be shared. 🙂

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