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Shootout at the Cole Road Cafe


I am famous now. Well, maybe not famous, exactly. More like notorious? Yesterday my friend Susan, who blogs as Happy No Ears, wrote about — me! And posted pictures. I had hat hair. I vowed revenge.

Here you go:

Gotcha Back!

This is Susan, gloating over her “Don’t you dare!” capture. Doesn’t she look pleased with herself? I’m not sure if she even noticed that I snapped her back. (I know, what kind of revenge is this? She looks good in this picture!)

When I took an online photography class last year, the last thing I expected was to find a real, flesh-and-blood friend. Because we were supposed to keep a photojournal that we could share with classmates, I started this blog. As I read the blogs of fellow students literally from around the world, it was a shock to see one of them posting images of subjects that looked awfully familiar. That train station, for example — wait a minute, that’s MY train station. The one I can see from my window! Turns out she lives just a few miles down the pike from me.

She noticed it too. “Hey Neighbor,” she wrote one day in a comment on my blog. It wasn’t long before we were tossing around the idea of getting together for a photoshoot. And so we have done, followed by breakfast, several times now.

Cold Hands, Warm Coffee

If you’ve ever read Susan’s blog, then you know she’s a very quirky and funny writer. She’s really like that. It’s even better in person. She’s very considerate, too. She switches to decaf after the first cup, “for the world’s sake.”

As Susan noted, we are very different, but somehow it works. We get together and she does her thing and I do mine. It’s comfortable. And it’s fun!

Going Her Own Way

The wonderful thing about blogging friends is that they stay with you no matter where you or they go. We can connect in deep and meaningful ways, even though we may never actually meet. Getting to know Susan in person has been an unexpected gift, and when I move away I’m going to miss her. But we will keep in touch, and she can be sure I will call when I’m coming back this way. Meanwhile, there are those daffodils to look forward to . . . and another breakfast. With coffee, but please — only one cup of regular for Susan. We’re trying to keep the world safe here.

PS — Like Susan, I highly recommend Kat Sloma’s Find Your Eye e-courses. They got me to look at my photography and at myself in a whole new way. You’ll probably make some new friends, too. If you’re very very lucky, one of them might even be close enough to have breakfast with.

13 thoughts on “Shootout at the Cole Road Cafe

  1. Such a fun post. Love the last shot, so pretty. Too funny on Susan’s habit switching to decaf after the first cup. 🙂

  2. Mutual admiration societies are such a good thing. You got me back with a smile-and that’s never a bad thing. And you got me back with kind words and that is DEFINITELY a great thing. Have a happy day neighbor.

  3. Haha! I read Susan’s post yesterday – your picture was gorgeous by the way – and wondered if I’d see a ‘response’ post! So amazing that you met through Kat’s class – and Susan’s switching to decaf after the first cup really made me laugh. I’ve loved seeing the pictures of you two, thank you for sharing.

  4. Ah, revenge is sweet! I’m loving this “shoot-out” between you two. I know you both recognize how lucky you were to find each other and develop such a great face-to-face friendship. Kat’s classes just keep on giving!

  5. Beautiful back to back posts! I love these shots of Susan, her photo of you is a stunner (as you are)! Artistic friendships are the best… the sense of connection is always there even when you haven’t physically seen each other!

  6. Love your post following up on Susan’s!! It’s amazing the wonderful friendships we’ve all made through Kat’s classes!! Love your shots of Susan, they’re great!!

  7. Yes – it’s a lucky and unexpected gift to find a real life blogging friend. Lucky – for both of you. And – yes – revenge..can be so sweet!

  8. Such a clever name for your meetup! I read Susan’s post too, and it sounds like you had so much fun meeting in person. These connections are so wonderful, aren’t they?

  9. Oh, I love this post about your friendship with Susan. I love her blog too, and yours! It is great to have an in person kindred spirit. Once you have that, the distance between you never matters :)………..x

  10. Love the pics you took of each other!! I’m a friend of Susan’s and glad you two have connected! I’ll enjoy following your blogs and pics.

  11. How fantastic that you were able to meet Susan and make an “in person” friend in the class! Photography brings people together in such fantastic ways! Photo walks are fun, too! These are great shots!

  12. Lovely post, looks like you both have fun together.

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